The National Agricultural Development Company Qatar

Company: The National Agricultural Development Company Doha
Description: Food, General Sales and Production >>> Beverages;
Dairy, Food Sales and Production >>> Dairies & Dairy Products;
Dairy, Food Sales and Production >>> Dairies & Dairy Products - Wholesalers & Manufacturers;
Dairy, Food Sales and Production >>> Dairy Hose & Fittings;
Food, General Sales and Production >>> Juice Manufacturers & Suppliers
Telephone: Main Telephone: 450-6632
Detail: PO Box: 40509
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: the-national-agricultural-development-company
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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I am an agricultural expert from Zimbabwe based in The UK. cOULD YOU PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT MY MINI PROJECT PROPOSAL DOCUMENT BELLOW. I HAVE FAILED TO ATTACH A MODEL I developed for this venture. Agricultural Development in Zimbabwe. The following is an agribusiness model, which is premised on the theme ‘Partnership synergies for sustainable agricultural Development’. Background Zimbabwe is a country suffering from man-induced poverty whereas it’s very rich in minerals, agriculture and human resources. All these resources are severely under-exploited due to its political evolutionary circumstance. The last ten years has been a period of political upheaval, but thank God, is now set to come to end as the country has embarked onto a none-reversible settlement path premised by setting up of a Government of National Unity. In terms of Agricultural Development, the above model is viewed as most formidable and feasible way to develop the country. Assumptions  200 Small-scale farmers with 20-100 ha of land are engaged. Approx 20 000ha of land is utilised.  A machinery set comprising of 1-tractor 60hp, 1-plough, 1-planter, 1-disc 1-harrow and 1-sheller. Total cost, CIF Harare of US 20000 PER SET based on Chinese manufacturer q uote, is loaned to each participating farmer on a rent to buy basis. A small mark up is already added to the cost.  Each farmer gets one machinery set.  Five super cash crops will be selected i.e. Maize, Wheat, Beans, Soya and Tobacco. Tobacco can be sold on private treaty basis. In this case govt and Tobacco Industry Board can be involved for regulatory and classification issues.  Farmers choose what crops to grow depending on region and market forecast.  Ideally a future market scenario should be used.  The organisation sets produce / yield targets which should be realised over a set period e.g. 3, 4 or 5 years after which the formal deal is completed / fulfilled.  Project can start in one province and spread to others later.  Govt can support farmers in different ways e.g. facilitating provision of soft bank loans for additional inputs.  NGOs can assist with facilities for additional inputs. Benefits  Helps the farmer take-off ground.  Farmers get a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire critical machinery.  Govt rakes handsome levies from huge crop export sales.  Farmers realise health incomes from crop sales annually while easily setting off / redeeming their capital advances / soft loans.  Project realises sustained incomes from this agribusiness venture.  Qatar is assured of long term supplies of healthy/ nutritious food supplies.  Massive employment in both Qatar and Zimbabwe on this project Definition of words Principal (senior partner)—the project partner (QNADC) who contributes major resources i.e. capital, key inputs and machinery. Principal (junior partner)–the project partner who contributes with trade expertise, operational logistics i.e. warehouses, transport, primary office, land for project, local business intelligence, etc, is Zimbabwean organisation. Proposal It is proposed that Qatar NADC view this mini-project document outline in positive light and sets itself on course to engage a Zimbabwean organisation to pursue this project for the mutual benefit of the two countries and organisations.

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