Techknowledge Solutions LLC Qatar

Company: Techknowledge Solutions LLC Doha
Description: Computers, Information Technology Services >>> Software and Computer Programs;
Computers, Information Technology Services >>> Software and Computer Programs, Programming Services;
Education and Schooling >>> Educational Equipment & Requisite Suppliers;
Education and Schooling >>> Educational Teaching Aids & Supplies;
Computers, Information Technology Services >>> Information Technology & Training;
Laboratories and Scientific Analysis >>> Lab Supplies and Equipment;
Education and Schooling >>> Training & HR Consultancy;
Education and Schooling >>> Training Services & Consultants
Telephone: Main Telephone: 447-8800
Detail: PO Box: 4404
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: techknowledge-solutions
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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hany ibrahim, 04.04.2012
Dear Sir, I have the honor to represent my self as an area manager. I hope to combine my experience qualification with your large dynamic organization for my career development to gain mutual benefits for both of us. Name: Dr. Hany Ibrahim Hussein Mobile: +2 01001783479 Title required: Area Sales/marketing/training /export Manager Objective: Self motivated ambitious working under stress Seeking an opportunity on a Reputable organization to combine my experience my qualifications in a good image with a large dynamic organization to achieve profits for the company improve my career development. • B.S.C of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University 1998. • 6th arrangement upon my college. • Valid driving license. • International training courses (Spain-Turkey-Dubai) • Valid passport (A02364002). Schengen • 12 y in multinationals • Owing a car. • Ability to reallocate More than 12 years in multinational pharmaceutical companies, promoting wide range of pharmaceutical, infant, dairy products, cereals, animal drugs, feed additives and pharmaceutical preparations, medical devices. Promotion /coaching/training. • Previous experience: ABBOTT Nutritional Company NOVARTIS Pharmaceutical Company NESTLE Nutritional Company NOREL NATURE EGYPT Multi national nutritional company

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