Salvadorian Embassy El Salvador Qatar

Company: Salvadorian Embassy El Salvador Doha
Description: Government and Official State Business >>> Foreign Embassies and Consulates, Diplomatic Missions
Telephone: Main Telephone: 411-0304
Detail: PO Box: 23031
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: salvadorian-embassy-el-salvador
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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megally z.megally, 30.08.2011
United states official HAPPEN IN UNITESTATES STATES HUMANRIGHT VIOLATION Level of education is learner Avatar world with all the world\'s problems No One Allow to spoack for my 6\\15\\2011 States President in 2012 because we I don’t intend to run for United already have a good man leading the country. ************************* be compensated for the time and effort given by my organization, “Return America and the World to its Former Glory Under God.” I would like to contacted by phone or fax. By the way, I’m looking for work, Thank you. God Bless you. September 20, 2010 TO: Religious Leaders International Leaders International Head of State Political Head of State Dear Sir or Madame: I would like to share something with you. My name is Megally Megally, 2008 Independent US Presidential Candidate. I’m blessed to be able to see my name listed among President Obama’s Vice President list. Thank God we have Obama in the Whitehouse. I was born in a foreign country and also I live on $800 a month to run for United States President or higher office. As you know it takes a great deal of wealth to adequately campaign for such a position. What I’m seeing here is something we can share with your organizations, not for you only but for our children and your mosque, temple or church, or for your office and organization. Let’s share some of our goodness together. This beautiful country, the United States of America, every one loves it in there own way. But the majority of our politicians today, with the wrong love, they are destroying it. Of course we have many good people in Washington, but there’s also too many corrupt people in our system. I’m not mentioning what I have done, but I urge you to visit my website: Read the newsletter and especially human rights violations by United States of America’s politicians or officials or even law enforcement. I’m not mentioning all of that for any revenge, I’m mentioning that for waking up the reality that is in front of you and I. And make sure we have America strong and powerful and blessed for our grandsons and granddaughters before it’s too late. I urge you to consider from your end, a meeting or invitations to share what I have learned through the years in politics. I have assisted for too many years the government without one penny in my pocket, I never asked, that’s my duty for our country has given me a home when I needed it and fed me when I was hungry and gave me freedom when I required it. Let’s not be ignorant, I’m not trying to be too tough, I’m trying to wake you up and we can learn from each other. There’s a lot to be learned and a lot this country has been missing. To tell you the truth, the United States of America today, has been taken hostage. The good people in Washington actually they need your help to stand once and for all, for the United States of America; not for any group, not for any party, not for any racial group, to stand Only for the United States of America. I do have the courage and the power from the man upstairs, who made this country the head of all nations. Yes we are responsible for other countries welfare, that’s how this country has been designed from above. Not like blaming us for everything bad that happens outside the United States, they try to cover up what they are doing wrong against us. Let’s not start to blame, the first one we have to blame is ourselves as a nation, clean Americans. We believe everything we’ve heard but we don’t know their motive. We have them in our system, all over the United States and every office government, local, state and federal. I was born in a foreign country and I know what I am talking about. Let’s meet and let’s learn from each other. May God Bless you, the United States of America and the whole world. I look forward to a meeting with your organizations. Sincerely, Megally Megally ********************************************** human rights violations. RETURN AMERICA AND THE WORLD TO ITS FORMER GLORY UNDER GOD Some of my agenda are to make every agency like this blessed Agency established in 1935. They increased their blessing to the U.S. and the whole world serving. This is what I like to see, another agency like them, are very similar to the blessed head of the agency (Robert Muller). We clean the corruption for the USA. On 4-7-1999 I was crossing the street walking from north to south side and I got hit by a car and I think it was deliberate. Why ? The car was a total loss. The CHP 555 of California report number is 04112. The officer number is 14481. My doctor examined me and I was advised that I was suffering with my thyroid. The prescription that my doctor gave me did nothing to my thyroid. Therefore I have stopped taking it. And now I feel fine. A judge of Alhambra court California and a member of the sheriff department of Temple City California destroyed my credit with a sting operation. 1996 we took a trip to Egypt, Greece and Turkey. The trip from Greece to Turkey was by ship. Lucy Farag a member of the touring group insulted me as a total surprise for no reason at all. I moved away from the area on the ship. Two hours later two men Milad and Saad came close to me and started to insult me also for no reason. I complained to the police on board of the ship. Our group leaders became upset regarding my complaint. Thank God the trip ended without any further incidents. In 2005 While I had a trip in Egypt was I stayed in Al-Horeya Hotel in Heliopolis Cairo. I decided to jog around the perimeter of the hotel one evening I felt sick and suffered pain in my abdomen and decided to visit Hydie Pharmacy nearby. I explained to pharmacist about my condition and she sold me what she deemed as needed medication probably for food poisoning. It took me three days to recover. I urge you to visit and click on human rights violations. May God bless you. 8 -14-10 20 Dear Holy Father, International Comity, Eric H. Holder, JR. U.S. Attorney General, and Judge Charles W. Mccoy, To our beloved Holiness Benedict. Thank God for all you\'ve done and for the Christians who love and trust you, not only Christians or Catholics, but the whole world. Your position now is more important than ever, and we are thankful for your thoughts and prayers. There has been much that has troubled the world we live in today. But these problems should not be given to anyone specific, wether it be Christians, Muslims, Catholics, or whomever. We are to blame as a whole for out incorrect teachings and practices that plague our world, in essence we are not living the Faith. I believe that many of these problems are a result of the churches and the teachings they give. In 1979 I was married to a Lebanese Maronite. Our agreement was that I would work for ten years and not ask any questions. Before the ten years were done, with the help of the Shell Oil company as well as my ex family, all of my possessions were wrongfully taken from me. I had some money saved in an account in the bank of Lebanon, my ex family forged my signature and took my money.The Clinton Administration assisted the oil company and my ex family in taking my possessions, as well as taking my brother and two children away from me, whom I have not seen till this day. On October 10th, you are scheduled to have a meeting with the Catholic High Priest in Rome. I hope you are able to speak with the Patriarch of the Maronite and Coptic Catholic Church that will be attending. The Coptic Bishop from egypt will be attending. His name is Youannis whom I believe is involved in the some behavioral activity. For example, the Coptic and Maronite Lebanese, are against me for reasons I am unaware of. I believe they are trying to cover up their various mistakes that have been done to me involving the Shell Oil Company. The Oil Company has Bought the White House from 1993 to 2008, which I deem as a corrupt sixteen year administration. As a result of this corruption, and my involvement with the oil company, I believe they have been listening to my phone calls. In 2006 I visited Columbia. While I was there I was questioned as to wether or not I was Muslim. On the second day of my visit there was a reported Car Bomb. On January 13th 2007, in the same country I was Kidnapped. Their aggressive and suspicious behavior has increased since I was involved in the death of a great man Hariri. (Car Bombing) In June 6th, 2010, Through much prayer and hope I walked away from my kidnapping without harm in Tijuan Mexico. I understand that there is much to be done in the world and would not want to take up much of your time, but I feel this is something you must know. There have been too many issues that have not been resolved because of Shell Oil companies whom are in league with the white house. I was satisfied by the service I received from one of the officers in Monrovia (PSR3 Shawna). However I have had various other encounters with police officers that proved to be difficult. (Robert Van case # 09-025-390 on 12/20/09) (Heath Harvey case # 09-016-719 on 9/23/04) and (Officer Garcia 08-014-789 on 7/20/08) Unfortunately these officers did not provide me with the help I needed at the times indicated. There have been so many problems that have not been resolved, form the White house to the streets of L.A. Specifically speaking the Clinton Administration and Bush Administration had been tapping my phone line. They even got involved with my Dental and Physical Docter, as a result I lost trust in various people. The dentist destroyed my teeth which as a result I traveled to mexico on 7/06/10 to get a second opinion, and I was told that my teeth were fine but the dentist and destroyed them. I have a copy of my dental slip from Dr. Luis Manuel Rodriguez. I am currently seeking international help for physical and dental work. I have bleeding hemorrhoids, and vision issues as well. I urge you to visit my website ( and click on humor rights Violations. In 03/2009 at Fresh and Easy, someone tampered with the milk I pick up weekly and poisoned in it. The milk I pick up every week does not come specifically come from fresh and easy but whomever delivered it. I have had no problems with the people of fresh and easy, but I believe that one of the employee\'s may have been involved in this event. In 2007 I was in Egypt and took my 2 nephews to the holy Monistary in Alexandria a while back. My nephews requested that I drive the car. We stopped at a checkpoint, where I gave them my passport and drivers License. Thankfully we were let go without any problems. In 2007-2008 I was told the car at that time had drugs in it, which I believe was a setup for a sting operation. I am fully aware that my two nephews are involved with the Shell Oil company as well as the Clinton Administration. In 1994 Mid day in Cyro, I was kidnapped, on that same year I was released and walked away from the kidnapping with a witness, a priest who didn\'t not want it identity revealed. I have a very good relationship with the Maronite people. Coinsidently I spoke with a Maronite priest (Father George) in March of 2009 on the phone, oddly enough he asked me if I would consider getting married to him. This is unacceptable language coming form a priest, considering its to an official of the United States. This is the world we live in today, a world where even Christianity is being corrupted by the Shell Oil Company. The last thing myself or any other would want to do is place blame on religion or anyone who is not involved in such things. I believe the blame must be on ourselves, we must take responsibility for our actions and make the world a better place for everyone. I hope God will give blessed life for many years to serve. His Holy name our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for your attention, God bless you and god bless the United states of America and the whole world, Sincerely Megally Z. Magally **************************************************************************************************** June 20, 2010 To the United States Attorney General, the Blessing, Eric H. Holder, Jr. To the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Judge Charles W. McCoy, Jr. Dear Gentlemen: What I’m doing is cleaning up corruption in the United States of America. And I have evidence when I say corruption. And that corruption is recent, not long time, and also the spark of American failure and it comes from the foreign, which I am one of them. I have a very good story to share. In 1979, I married a Lebanese woman in Lebanon. We have agreed to let me work, not time out, not time in, just free to work. And I did work very hard, from 1979 to 1988. And she took everything from me. I went straight to welfare. Case number D211165 – she was that time presented by lawyer named James Kaddo. He is a judge right now in Los Angeles Superior Court. To be honest with you, sir, I don’t appreciate the governor at the time was George Deukmejian. He appointed James Kaddo as a judge just two hours before he left office. And that was the disaster that America suffers from. Of course, he is a judge. He has influence over sheriff and police. And here I am with million problem of unresolved cases. One of the cases is in Los Angeles Police Department under the number of 043401. The other case numbers are 402-14493-0541-339, 402-14493-0541-162, 404-04875-0542-340, and 405-07699-0542-112. Two traffic tickets I was never wrong with Alhambra Court. Also, the Alhambra Court with Judge Duffy, it was fabricated against me. Because of this, I had to move from 1057 Huntington Drive in Duarte to the present location. This cost me almost $10,000 which I had to put on my credit card. This delayed my payment and destroyed my credit. That sting operation was planted by some of Washington officials through J through the Alhambra Court. Then if I had done bankruptcy, I will never hear from my creditors, but I did not go bankrupt for a reason. And one day my credit card would be paid by the planning of the sting operation. You don’t know what this country suffered from that bad attitude of non-American. And the last case I was in court with I had some money in Beirut, Lebanon. As you know, we’ve been divorced in 1988. My ex and ex family forged the signature on a power of attorney and was okayed by Lebanese Counsel Generals in Los Angeles by their foreign affair in Beirut, Lebanon. And they brought the money to Los Angeles. I filed a police report under the number 999-10057. This has also never been resolved. We renewed the police report again in 2009 under number 09001417. And I’ve been rewarded $130,000. The case number is BC327728. I have never seen one penny of the $130,000 from the court. And, of course all that behavior, non-American work, is done by foreign authorities. And we deliver that kind of poison to that beautiful country with your position in the United States and the blessing of the United States good people and the blessing of Mr. Obama, we will exceed, and clean corruption in this beautiful country. Of course, the politicians are, when I talk about it, it goes back to Janet Reno. And delivered to Gonzales, and John Sununu. The good word is we have you, dear Attorney General as the head of justice in Washington. And I know that the chief judge in Los Angeles is a good man also. We don’t want to lose justice in the United States; we’ll be losing the country. As you know, the United States is the head of the whole world. And if the head has a headache, the whole body of the world cannot function. Yes, we are responsible for another country welfare and thus the beginning in your office as the Attorney General and the head of Los Angeles courtroom. This beautiful country built on justice and justice lately is not available. But thank God, we have you and the system. I want to share something with you. I’ve been chosen for Mr. Obama as Vice President. He knows what happened to the situations with the credit. That’s the man we can trust, read in between the lines and knows what’s going on in the country. Dear Sir: Of course, foreign born are not allowed by the Constitution to be running for a United States office, which the office of the President of this great country. The Constitution cannot be working without the United States. When the good people of the United States will reinforce the foundation of this beautiful country and Return America and the World to its Former Glory under God. Now remember, sir, I allow myself to run for the higher office of the United States and believe me what can I do, nobody will. God Bless you and God Bless the United States and the whole world. I urge you to visit the website Contact me by phone 626-482-5181 or 626-305-5555 or fax at 626-256-6301 or by mail at P.O. Box 1403, Duarte, CA 91009. Since we are talking about mailing, there is someone in authority at the post office tampering with my mail. I don’t know if any authority or court is involved. But there is something going on at the post office. Sincerely, Megally z.megally ******************************************************************* The story of Balaam, started from Numbers 22 - 25, but the main part that I talked you about is in Numbers 25. 1 Now Israel remained in Acacia Grove,* and the people began to commit harlotry with the women of Moab. 2 They invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods, and the people ate and bowed down to their gods. 3 So Israel was joined to Baal of Peor, and the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel. 4 Then the Lord said to Moses, \"Take all the leaders of the people and hang the offenders before the Lord, out in the sun, that the fierce anger of the Lord may turn away from Israel.\" 5 So Moses said to the judges of Israel, \"Every one of you kill his men who were joined to Baal of Peor.\" 6 And indeed, one of the children of Israel came and presented to his brethren a Midianite woman in the sight of Moses and in the sight of all the congregation of the children of Israel, who were weeping at the door of the tabernacle of meeting. 7 Now when Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose from among the congregation and took a javelin in his hand; 8 and he went after the man of Israel into the tent and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman through her body. So the plague was stopped among the children of Israel. 9 And those who died in the plague were twenty-four thousand. 10 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 11 \"Phinehas the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, has turned back My wrath from the children of Israel, because he was zealous with My zeal among them, so that I did not consume the children of Israel in My zeal. 12 Therefore say, \'Behold, I give to him My covenant of peace; 13 and it shall be to him and his descendants after him a covenant of an everlasting priesthood, because he was zealous for his God, and made atonement for the children of Israel.\' \" 14 Now the name of the Israelite who was killed, who was killed with the Midianite woman, was Zimri the son of Salu, a leader of a father\'s house among the Simeonites. 15 And the name of the Midianite woman who was killed was Cozbi the daughter of Zur; he was head of the people of a father\'s house in Midian. 16 Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 17 \"Harass the Midianites, and attack them; 18 for they harassed you with their schemes by which they seduced you in the matter of Peor and in the matter of Cozbi, the daughter of a leader of Midian, their sister, who was killed in the day of the plague because of Peor.\" When you need assistance, especially medical ones, you know I go, to a good friend. My dear good friend, Irina Bokova, not that I’m ignoring the medical professionals of the United States but honestly I’ve been mistreated by them. Behind the scenes, it’s run by Washington officials and Shell Oil Company. I don’t want to name names but I’m sure you know how to figure it out. U.S. Medical doctors already destroyed my vision, my teeth, and I immediately need assistance for hemorrhoids. Believe me I trust no doctors in the United States anymore. [01/04/2011] Irina Bokova, Dear Beautiful, Irina Bokova. Do not believe anyone that mentions anything about me, and there was no one assisting you to be elected Head of UNESCO. Actually, who was helping you is the one you love, our beloved Lord and your little friend, Megally. You don’t know what the Egyptian Minister that was running against you, has damaged me and the country in which I was born. Don’t worry about it. Thank God you are there. I am writing this letter requesting your assistance in helping me find medical evaluation and treatment outside of the United States for my hemorrhoid situation. I have sought medical treatment in the United States in the past, and as mentioned above, due to corruption in the US, especially politicians in Washington, the medical staff treating me damaged my vision, my teeth, and even my physical health. I am an Ambassador for Peace and a person on a mission to eradicate corruption in the United States and in the world, and as I’m sure you can imagine, this brings with it much grief and attention from those in office who are corrupt and which I stand against. It is my understanding and belief; these actions taken by previous U.S. medical staff against me were initiated by Shell Oil Company. Also, this type of corrupt behavior and actions are taking place in the Church I go to. Based on my previous experiences with medical staff in the United States I am seeking professional medical treatment for my current ailments outside of the United States. I greatly appreciate any form of assistance you can provide me concerning this matter. May God Bless you, your family, the United States of America and the entire world. Sincerely, Megally Z. Megally ****************************************************************************************************************************** A priest needs help. He’s really in need of medical attention in Egypt. Have more blessings to assist these Holy Priests. May God Bless all of you, if you can assist or not. A priest needs help. He’s really in need of medical attention in Egypt. Have more blessings to assist these Holy Priests. May God Bless all of you, if you can assist or not. Megally z.megally United states offical مهم للغايه مهم للغايه مهم للغايه No One Allow to spoack for my 6/20/2011 Egypt, Mother of the World: Egypt built the pyramids which Jesus Christ was able to hide in. One of the Egyptian heroes, he led the Egyptian air force 73, I witnessed in early 1993 when he was coming from Luxor to Cairo – he almost jumped out of the train to shake hands with someone. That hero is Hosni Mubarak. We have said Mubarak Egypt. 12-10-10 TO: The Egyptian people. Dear Sir/Madame: I\'m speaking to you from the United States of America, not as an American official, I was born in Egypt. Matter of fact, I was born in upper Egypt, the city of Minie. I feel your pain and what you\'re going through, I feel whats been happening lately in our beautiful Egypt – it\'s too much to handle, but God willing, He will do something for you if you really want it. So much happened, let us speak about the last elections. I have advised the United States officials, including the White House and Mr. Obama, not to be involved in the election or any future elections in Egypt. The plan is to see how much the Egyptian government is honest, but they show dishonesty. Not Obama, he is not involved and that\'s the reason our Obama is not involved because he (we) sees the dishonesty in the Egyptian government. Some of the officials have accused Mr. Obama for being involved with Mobaracks ruling party (regime), but he is not involved because of political reasons. My plan was for Obama not to get involved so we can see how honest the Egyptian government is, and the government was not honest. How many stories do we want to talk about: the people that were killed in Alexandria, or the people selling their families to get Visa\'s in Europe, or the people who are living without doing their duties for the country because they are afraid. I have read articles about Egyptian journalists and European and American generals, the Egyptian generals cannot speak the truth because they want to go home to their families. What else do we want to talk about, is it too much, too painful to think about. My heart and my prayers and the United States heart and prayers are with you. My recommendation, for the love and respect of a man I really do highly respect and love, Mr. Mobarack. Not only do I love and respect him because of what he did to our patriarchs, I do have my opinion with Mr. Sadat, what he had done to the church then. Mr. Sadat, if he had not done that at that time, we don\'t know what would have happened to our patriarchs. I cannot go into any more detail on this issue, I\'m writing a book and will address it in the book. Let\'s get back to the meaning of this letter. I am asking Mr. Mobarack to resign from office, not only because the country has been mishandled, but in respect of his age. And also, I am not going to help anymore for any family of Mr. Mobarack. I have stood for you for a long time and believe me, I have to confess what I have done wrong to the Egyptian people, in standing with you Mr. Mobarack. You know it in your heart, not only do I respect you, but also I love you. And for the safety of this beautiful country in Egypt, and the future of your grandsons and granddaughters, lets have a change and you will be proud of what you did, if you resign with dignity. May God Bless you and the great country of Egypt and the United States of America. Sincerely, Your Servant, Megally Megally ****************************************************************************************************************************** upset about the last parliament election in Egypt. Really, I\'m very I\'m very very very upset with anyone who supported this parliament election. To give you an example, the head of the Christians and Muslims were in attendance at the first session of this fraudulent and corrupted parliament. I wonder what America has done to Egypt – America has done nothing but help the Egyptian people and has done no harm to the Egyptian people. January 9, 2011 TO: The eyes, the heart and feelings of people, not only in Egypt, but the whole world: The MEDIA and PRESS. The media is supposed to deliver the TRUTH to the people but they didn\'t. You want to talk about “Wise”, let me give you the bottom line about “Wise.” God knows how old Egypt is – this beautiful country has a great and amazing history. Why is Egypt so far behind the rest of the world. Do you think the heads of Egypt are wise. Do you want to talk about “Wise,” let me explain it to you. Now I\'m talking about my beloved Church built by the faithful St. Mark. Really, let me tell you the truth, I\'m not saying it to any individual but I\'m speaking before God. What some people from my church have done to me, it hurt the individuals, it hurt the Church, it hurt Egypt, and it also hurt the United States, the war in Iraq and the Economy. Not only that, the most important one, it caused the United States to lose the respect of other nations. So what were these people trying to do, they tried to hurt Megally but they hurt the United States. You know it, I know it and God knows it. I hold a little bit of power with the United States, given to me by God. Or maybe, the Shell Oil Company gave money to those individuals who were trying to hurt me, that I\'m not aware of, but I leave it to you, the Media and Press to figure it out. I have already warned anyone who\'s acting on my behalf to stay away from my political issues. It appears these people who are trying to hurt me are trying to get me to leave the Church and my faith, but I will never leave the Church or lose my Faith And I hope for anyone, especially on the religious side, that you focus on your mission for the Church only. The United States has been importing corruption and it\'s coming from Egypt, from State, Federal and Local government officials (all levels of government). Even those that are translating from Arabic to English are dishonest. One more thing I wanted to mention is that I do love and respect Mobarack, but I don\'t understand why he has betrayed me. One of his delegates by the name of Rami met with me recently and told me that if I\'m no longer WITH Mobarack, I can easily be found. Is that a threat, I fear no man or organization, as I\'m a man of God and I\'m an Ambassador for Peace appointed by God to carry out His will in my life and in all that I do. I’m not mentioning what I have done, but I urge you to visit my website: Read the newsletter and especially human rights violations by United States of America’s politicians or officials or even law enforcement. Also visit my profile on Facebook. May God Bless all of you, the United States of America, beautiful Egypt and the whole world. Sincerely, Megally Megally States President in 2012 because we I don’t intend to run for United already have a good man leading the country. What I like about the Obama administration, they know how to read between the lines. I don’t set up the Egyptian government for the last parliamentary elections, I have called the White House and Central Intelligence Agency and advised them not to be involved in the Egyptian Parliament elections, not to set up the Egyptian elections, but to let the Egyptian people know if America is not involved in such there will be no justice. And look what happened? There was fraud, corruption; I don’t know what else to say about that but everybody knows what happened with those elections. But right now after those corrupt elections and ten Americans were killed afterwards, on 12/26/10 and after that car bomb. I’m not saying someone is setting up the stage, but that’s what it looks like. Let’s keep America and the world safe As we know, there is a lot of corruption, not only in the United States but all over the world. With every good one, not only the United States and International Community, we have to make a difference. We cannot wait, we have to make it happen for our grandsons and granddaughters. I have advice for Mr. Mobarack and a very important letter and that letter was, even I told them, there was a prescription for Egypt. He didn’t pay attention and there was within his administration, he’s 1) teaching the children of Egypt to hate America and the West; 2) accusing one of the best agents, not only in the United States but in the whole world, of planning 9/11. I know who told the Egyptian government that, I’m not saying this either, I know who told them. Just to give you an example, 8/15/09, one of United States officials in Washington, she was meeting with Mr. Mobarack on National t.v. without an American flag but with the Egyptian flag; 3) accusing one of the best United States headS of the State Department, that she was spying for the Israeli’s which she wasn’t. What do you want me to say, there’s too much to say so let’s get to the point and let me write this letter. This is only the cover sheet. (01/04/2011) TO: President of Israel, Shimon Peres: Dear Honorable President of Israel, Shimon Peres, I don’t know why I choose this time to write you this letter. I have written you before, if you visit my website at, there is a letter written for you on 12/26/09 and it’s listed under human rights violations. Another letter also, on 12/28/09 and it’s under my work. Anyway, let’s get to the point, what happened in Alexandria, and I really appreciate that you called Mr. Mobarack and gave your condolences regarding those who were killed in the car bomb. You know who will get upset if he was alive, General Moashmaashn Dan. He would be very upset. I remember him one time after the 67 war, he said “I can do anything in Egypt but I cannot touch Alexandria because this is my birth place ” Dear Sir, what happened in Egypt is not acceptable to anyone and I’m glad the Muslims and Christians are becoming united after what happened. Mr. Peres I never forgot your visit to the Egyptian Embassy on July 23, 2008 to celebrate the Independence of Egypt and I know why you were there. Of course we are good friends and I really appreciate it. Too many things we have in common, we are members the Ambassador for Peace and we are also good friends on Myspace and are good friends for the good work we are trying to do for the International Community. Such as, one of the letters I wrote you I offered to help release the Israeli Soldier who was held in captivity by Palestine. And also, I could achieve peace between Iran and Israel. I see a lot of action on those from Mr. Netanyahu and Mobarack, nothing has been accomplished. You know why? Because this is part of my agenda and no one can make it happen, only me. With God whom we respect and love, we can make it happen. I’m not working for anyone and I’m willing to offer you my services to help with this issue if you want it. But really, what I want to say Sir, today we need peace, we cannot afford anymore bloodshed for the Israeli’s or Egyptians, or the Muslims or any human being. I know in my heart it is one of your plans for the future, not for Israel but for the whole world. Let me tell you how much corruption we are seeing in the United States every day, the doctor I used to deal whom I don’t trust anymore, one of them damaged my vision, one damaged my teeth and the other one wanted to destroy my body, and this is because I am standing for the right things for humanity and of course I learned this from you. What happened in Egypt, repeating myself, if Moashmaashn Dan were alive today he would be very upset. You know what, I’m asking you as a friend, I’m looking for some medical assistance which I need immediately because I don’t trust any doctors in the United States. Let’s make the United States, Egypt and the world a better, safer and more peaceful place. May God bless you, our beloved country, the United States of America, and bless the whole world. Sincerely, Megally Z. Megally ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ To the Egyptian people I introduce myself to you my name is Megally Z Megally. I have sprit of the people who have been victimized in Egypt by the Mubarak Regime. No one has served Egypt and Mubarak Regime more than me after 2007. I saw the truth as you were living in Egypt you have been lied to and I fill your Pain. I’m speaking to you form the USA and I’m from Upper Egypt. I could see how much you have been lied to about the USA and all the free country let me give you an example. 1. Excusing the most honest people in the entire world for 911 to empires that’s what I heard from the Egyptian official which is to empires of the Muslim. 2. The most honest agency in the USA (F.B.I.) and the hole World, Mrs. Rice spying for the Israel in Egypt. 3. Teaching the Children of Egypt hate USA and other free countries. I’m speaking to you as an Egyptian born in Upper Egypt and when I came back in October 2007. I decided to have a plan to release the country of the corrupt government. To show the world how much corruption there is in the Egyptian government? Lead by Mubarak That’s the plan 1. None American to be involved for 2010 elections so to make that happened I did Speak to the White House several times and to the senate Intelligence and to congress of the USA . Thank God they honored my request that’s how I proved the corruptions of Mubarak Regime. 2. After that I didn’t appreciate any one supporting the fraudulent elections. Especially when the support came from the Muslims and Christians. By attending the open session of that of the elections. Knowingly or unknowingly to Cover the fraud of the 8 Americans that were killed in Upper Egypt. They called it a car accident and we all heard on Christmas Eve of the Church pomes in Alexandria. So that broke the revolutions of Jan 25th and that was a blessing. 3. With his connectis with Los angeles polise department and sherifts and shell oil co I work 24/7 speaking to Mr. Tantawey to transfer the power to Democratic Government I chose the Army to do the transfer. By the way Egypt need’s something from you Mr. Tantawey to make sure the board which has been chose is to change number 2 band of the old constitutions. Dear Egyptian people I don’t want to tell you I did set up the Egyptian Government. I just like to tell you how much America loves you. The American agenda is to see the whole world like America in various things I spoke to yu as an American official with Egyptian birth. To finish my plain I would to be with you in the same place is my beloved Egypt assisting the transfer of the Government if I got the invitation to do so. I encourage you to visit my web site Click on News Letter and read human right violations. Let me tell you about the things Mubarak has done to me in the middle of November 2010. I was in Bakersfield Ca. and I received a threat from an Egyptian family sent from Mubarak. Saying that if you stand with me for this Election I will find you wherever you are. May God bless you Egypt and United States of America You can contact me by Phone (626) 305-5555 or (626) 482-5181 (Fax-626-256-6301) Sincerely yours Megally Z Megally P.S For that special time of Egypt need to be with you Megally is asking all viewers to read about Human Rights violations on his Profile of facebook... visit Contct by phon;[626]305-5555 or [626]482-5181 fax [626-256-6301 Megally z.megally United states official Level of education is learner Avatar world with all the world\'s problems No One Allow to spoack for my Thank you for your hospitality and your kindness and your blessing for the good Country of ours, Bulgaria. 9/20/2011 My name is Megally Megally, 2008 U.S. Independent Presidential Candidate and President Obama\'s choice for Vice President. On October 5, 2010, I will be arriving in your pleasant country, Bulgaria, Sofia, carrying with me some used clothes for the needy and our church in Bulgaria. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you, I will be staying in Central Hotel, phone number 359886735665. I\'m looking forward to visiting with the blessing of St. Paraskeva and also, when you have time please visit my website at: Please contact me by phone or fax. Thank you and God Bless You. Sincerely, Your Servant, Megally Megally To the Great Country of Bulgaria, thank you very much for your hospitality. Especially the people of Sophia. The service I was given from Al Italia Ground and Air, for the extra luggage and this fee being waived for the needy people in Bulgaria, again thank you for all mentioned above. 10/28/2010 TO: The Great President of Bulgaria, Georgie Parvanou, Head of Security of the United States Embassy in Sophia, Bulgaria, Thomas Huay: Dear Sirs, thank you very much for your hospitality and for the kindness of the people, and those people really left a good mark in my heart. The blessing I have received from Bulgaria, it was very much warming and the country is leading. Thank God for the pleasant experience I had, I arrived in this beautiful country of ours, 6:30 p.m. on October 5, 2010. The open arms from the people in the airport was a blessing, and the driver that picked me up from the airport that was a blessing. The hotel staff receiving me was an honor. It takes a couple of days to wake up after all the flying, jetlag, October 9, 2010, I called the receptionist to make dinner reservations for my birthday and I told her to tell the restaurant that it was my birthday and I was going there to celebrate it. I went there to celebrate it and here was the dilemma. I was received by the restaurant staff very coldly, they failed to mention or acknowledge the birthday celebration, that attitude is not from the Bulgarian people, that attitudes that’s been delivered. For what I call, dirty politicians of the United States, along with Shell Oil Company. Immediately I could see, these acts were from the people of the United States, even in the hotel, because their attitude completely changed – as always happens when I go outside of the United States. In 2006, like I do when I go to any foreign country, I take old clothes with me to give to the needy, and that time whoever was listening to my phone, told the Columbian government that I was a Muslim. When I was there, there was a car bombing in Bogota Columbia, at the moment I don’t want to go into detail, but in 2007, in the same country I was kidnapped, even the country of my Birth (Egypt) I was poisoned and kidnapped. So it’s nothing new to me, I’m used to it and thank God He has taken care of these complications. And the hotel where I stayed, the Central Forum Hotel in Bulgaria, I don’t think there was poison in my tea, but there was something to disrupt the hearts function. I felt it with attitude I received from staff working at the hotel, anybody from outside of the United States they like to come to the United States and I think, some of the hotel employees and the restaurant staff were promised Visa’s in the United States to participate in these corrupt acts – that’s what it looks like. And that type of promise had to have come from a very high official of the United States of America. In September, I called the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington and sent a letter to the Blessed Bulgarian President, Georgie Parvanou, and I warned the ambassadors of Bulgaria and Washington for such behavior, for this kind of work. Thank God I am back. On October 18, 2010, from the Hotel in Bulgaria to the Airport, that was a plan, I could see the stages for kidnapping. Even I had to make a call on my cell phone and I let the driver know I have a cover in the back, I know he was wired with a microphone, I just wanted to let whoever he was working for know, not to complete the kidnapping attempt. I urge the good President of Bulgaria to not let any kind of corrupt operation like that to happen in beautiful Bulgaria, or allow influence from such dirty politicians in the United States to reach Bulgaria, with the Shell Oil Company investment in that kind of corrupt actions. I urge you Sir, and our embassy, to investigate these acts and events, and Mr. Huay, it looks like American or Greek citizens have trouble with false names and possibly Egyptian or Lebanese passport. And of course, they can be manipulated by psychologists to commit these sort acts. And all of this is happening. I’m fighting corruption and I have some concerns against Shell Oil Company, you don’t know what I did to get this money to invest it in advocation. And also, I was hoping after a couple of letters I have sent out, to get some medical assistance which I do need for my bleeding hemmhoroid and my dental concerns, which the doctor in America destroyed my teeth. I spend too much time on the internet, that’s how I advertise to wake up the system and I need an eye exam to check on my vision. The United States has good and great doctors, but with special favor and pressure from dirty politicians, they destroy their medical abilities. I urge you to look at my website: and read the human rights violations and I also urge you to investigate. Please provide me with the results of your investigation. I hope you don’t’ listen to any religious leaders from Egypt, Lebanon or the United States. I don’t want to mention names but those religious leaders should mind their own business, we have lost the Iraq war, the Economy, and the United States President he went back to his hometown with shoes being thrown in his face. Those religions are some of the reasons for all of the above. God Bless you, the Blessed Country of Bulgaria, the United States of America, and the World. Sincere Megally Megally Megally is asking all viewers to read about Human Rights violations on his Profile of facebook... visit A Better World to Live in, I’m not asking only the Orthodox Political Leaders, I’m asking the Leaders of ALL Nations and Religious Organizations, especially being that I’m an Ambassador for Peace and we have a beautiful saying, “One family under God ” Let’s go and do it and have it done, not for the United States, but for ALL nations as mentioned in the letter, there is a lot of corruption. I don’t have to be rich or wealthy to accomplish the mission that I am initiating. My goal is to, “Return America and the World to it’s former Glory under God.” 9/30/2010 TO: Orthodox Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Ministers of ALL Nations Ban Ki-moon, Head of the United Nations: Dear Sir, as a U.S. Political Orthodox Representative, my plan is to have a meeting with all of the political Orthodox leaders to set up a plan I have in my heart for the future of all nations. As you and I know, we have a world full of corruption and the plan of this unity attempt, is to discuss this issue and to create better ideas to make the world a better place for mankind. And also, to the Secretary General of the United Nations, I do have a very blessed agenda for South America. I’m not seeking your permission, I am seeking your blessing with the mission I am undertaking. On October 5th, 2010, I will be arriving in a very blessed country, the government of Bulgaria, and I’m hoping to have a meeting with the President of Bulgaria, Georgi Parvanou, and I hope that will occur when I’m in Bulgaria. And perhaps we’ll able to have this plan that is part of my agenda beginning soon. With your blessing and all the above mentioned parties, we’ll make this world a better, safer and more peaceful place. And I don’t think the respected U.S. President Obama will mind the work I’m doing. May God bless you, our beloved country, the United States of America, and bless the whole world. Sincerely, Megally Z. Megally Megally is asking all viewers to read about Human Rights violations on his Profile of facebook... visit Contct by phon;[626]305-5555 or [626]482-5181 fax [626-256-6301 PLEASE I NEED YOUR PRAYERS LOOKING FOR A GOOD STONG CHRIISATAIN LADY FOR MARRIAGE RIGHT NOW CALLME AT 626 482 5181 Megally z.megally

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