Saad Buzwair Automotive Audi Qatar

Company: Saad Buzwair Automotive Audi Doha
Description: Car Sales and Car Deals >>> New Car Sales, Car Dealers and Suppliers
Telephone: Main Telephone: 434-1414
Detail: PO Box: 31632
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: saad-buzwair-automotive-audi
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Sultan Althani, 02.07.2011
I ordered the new Rs6 last year and although my order took way more time than I expected, the people at Audi cheated me. My order was a red RS6 and at this time, they only had white. Then, because I wanted the car to arrive on time, I asked them to hurry up with my order. Few days after they called me and they said that my Audi is ready. I went with friends to pick up my new car, all my friends told me that the car has been painted a red coat. I verified with Audi sales people and of course they denied. less than a year passed by when someone hit me from behind and what my friends advised me about was 100 % correct. The red paint showed what was underneath it. During my service and before that happened, Audi gave me the hardest time when it comes to Brakes and disks maintenance. I paid them so much money on monthly basis to change my brakes although they have initially promised me for ceramic disks and I never got them. Right now, I hired a lawyer and I want to take the company to court. I am committed to spread my story with valid paper and pictures all over the internet if I do not get my case settled. My car was one of the most expensive cars at the company to realize, I got a second hand paint job that was not even done properly. What a shame to get such a treatment and what a shame for a big known company to cheat its customers in a way like that. Every time i go to Audi, I get pushed around and the lack or professionalism that i\'ve witnessed is far beyond any explanation. I would strongly appreciate some feedback from your headquarters and a person that i can speak to that can actually influence that type of low treatment i am still getting. The funny part is that after i contacted Germany and told them about these crooks at the Doha branch, Audi Qatar called me and threatened to SUE ME if I contact Germany again. What a SHAMELESS behavior. What has the world come to? The VP of Audi, who is a friend seems to be always out of the country anytime i call. Careful of these crooks. I have never dealt with scammers of that caliber

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