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County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Amir Soleiman, 03.12.2008

University of Qatar in Doha

- History
In 1973, having foreseen education as a principle contribution to its expanding society, the Emir of Qatar issued a decree proclaiming the establishment of Qatar’s first national College of Education. Among a small population, the college admitted a respectable 57 male and 93 female students in its first year. After several semesters, rapid development of the country made it necessary to expand upon the College of Education to accommodate new areas of specialization. In 1977, Qatar University was founded with four colleges: Education; Humanities & Social Sciences; Sharia, Law, & Islamic Studies; and Science. By 1985, two additional colleges, Engineering and Business & Economics, had been established. At present, Qatar University is comprised of seven colleges; College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, College of Engineering, College of Law, College of Business and Economics, and College of Pharmacy.
Amir Soleiman, 03.12.2008
The institution was established as the College of Education by a decree from the Emir of Qatar in 1973. It was expanded to become the University of Qatar in 1977, including four colleges: Education, Humanities & Social Sciences, Sharia & Law & Islamic Studies, and Science.

The Egyptian architect Kamal el Kafrawi is responsible for the overall design and planning whilst Ove Arup Partners were appointed as prime consultants to undertake structural and engineering services design and site supervision.

As of 2008 there are 6 colleges: College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Shariaa and Islamic Studies, College of Engineering, College of Law and College of Business & Economics. A new Pharmacy Program was established in 2006, with its first intake of BSc (Pharm) students in 2007.

Qatar University (Arabic: جامعة قطر‎; transliterated: Jami'at Qatar) is a university in Qatar, located on the northern outskirts of the capital Doha. In 2002 there were 8,621 students, of whom 73% were female. Courses are taught in Arabic (in education, arts and social sciences courses) or English (in natural sciences, engineering and business courses).

The main campus has an area of some 8 km². The university buildings have a distinctive design which is modern but reflects traditional Qatari architecture. Facilities are gender-separated, with separate lecture theatres, laboratories, etc. The university also has an experimental farm 65km north of the city.

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