Police General Head Quarters Qatar

Company: Police General Head Quarters Doha
Description: Government
Telephone: Office: 4330000; Fax: 4449481; Mobile: No Information Available
Detail: no-data
Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: police-general-head-quarters
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Ramin.Batebi, 29.03.2012
Dear Sir, I am Dr. Batebi, Ramin, 38 years old, I am with 7th dan of ISA karate and 7th dan of sungjado degrees of international coaching. I am a member of the global campaigns association, educator of security body guarding systems and teacher of services to protect personalities. I have experienced for 33 years in various fields of martial and military activities. Given my interest to your honorable country, with your cooperation and supports, I can do the following objectivities in your country. 1- Training of police and security forces in the field of security and protecting of personalities and also body- guarding along with providing professional degree and official identification card from the union of American IB-GA. 2- Sending educators of security, body-guarding and personalities protection to all countries. 3- Training material arts in the field of international styles ISA Karate Sungjado . 4- Develoing international fighters to world championships. 5- Sending international fighter coaches and referees to all over the world 6- Permission of the US for establishment of schools and faculties for teaching martial arts and body guarding throughout the world. 7- Establishment of body guarding and security companies. 8- Establishment of international federations, associations and unions. These were my abilities. Please inform me if you want to cooperate until I send my legal documents to notify you. Respectfully, Master/Dr.Ramin.Batebi www.isamartialarts.net www.isamartialarts.net/IBGA/index.htm www.isamartialarts.net/iran.html

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