Panorama Contracting and Engineering Services Qatar

Company: Panorama Contracting and Engineering Services Doha
Description: Industrial Category, General >>> Anti-Corrosion Coating & Service;
Blasting >>> Blasting & Painting Contractors;
Building and Construction >>> Building and Construction Contractor;
Building and Construction >>> Cement Mortar Lining;
Civil Engineering and Construction >>> Civil Mechanical & Electrical Instrument Construction Contractors;
Building and Construction >>> Hire and Rental of Construction/Building Equipment and Machines;
Building and Construction >>> Construction and Building Machinery;
Contracting, General >>> Civil Engineering Contractors and Services;
Industrial Category, General >>> Corrosion Control Services;
Cranes >>> Crane Rentals and Hire;
Electric and Electro Mechanic >>> Electrical Contracting Services;
Recruitment, Staffing and Manpower >>> Manpower, Recruiting and Staffing Services;
Mechanical >>> Mechanical Contractors;
Mechanical >>> Mechanical Engineering Contractors;
Offshoring, Offshore Services >>> Offshore Contractors;
Oil and Gas >>> Oilfield Contractors and Oilfield Service Providers;
Machinery, General >>> Plant Hire;
Industrial Category, General >>> Pressure Vessels;
Metals, General >>> Steel Treatment and Fabrications, Steel Engineering;
Storage >>> Storage Tanks;
Metals, General >>> Structural Steel Fabrication;
Welding and Soldiering >>> Welding - Commercial & Industrial;
Contracting, General >>> General Contracting Services
Telephone: Main Telephone: 460-4617
Detail: PO Box: 20070
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: panorama-contracting-and-engineering-services-110940
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Blair Han, 22.03.2012
We offer all working pumps and steering pumps for wheel loaders made in China. For example, XCMG, LIUGONG, SDLG, SEM brand wheel loader made in China. All these pumps are original matched with the wheel loader. Our products including XCMG: CBG2100, CBG2080, CBGJ3100, CBGJ2080, CBGJ3100/10-XF, CBGJ2080/1010-XF, CBZ2100, CBJ2100, CBJ3100, CBJ280, CBJ2100, CBJ3100/10, CBGJ2063/1016; CBGJ0032/0010-XF, JHP3160, CBCJ2080/1016, JHP2080, CBGJ2063B, CBGJ3100/1010C-XF, CBCJ2080B, CBGJ1045/1032, CBGJ2080H, CBGJ2100H, JHP3160H, CBGJ3080/1016, CBGJ2063C, JHP2100, CBGJ3125 LIUGONG: CBJ3100, CBJ3140, CBJ3125, CBJ3160B, CBG2080, CBJ2063/10, CBG2080, CBJ2063/16, CBJ2080/16, CBJ2050, CBJ2063/10; CBG2063A SDLG: CBG280; CBJ3125, CBJ3160, CBJA280, CBJ280B, CBJ280/10, CBJ280B CHANGLIN: CBG1032A, CBG1045A, CBG2100, CBG2050, CBGJ2100, CGBJ3140, CBGJ2063/16, CGGJ3125, CBG2063, CBG1045A, CBGJ3100, CBGJ2063/16, CBZ2080, CMZ2063, CBGJ1032, CBGJ2045/25, JHP2050AXX, CMGJ1025, JA2032-XF, CMS2032, CBJ3100/40
Raghunathreddy, 03.03.2012
application from pipe fabricator plumbing and chilled water and oil gas exp.12years india 8 year and qatar Unicon ltd 4years tillday in qatar free visa

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