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Company: Omnix Qatar Co Doha
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Telephone: Office: 4874966; Fax: 4874980; Mobile: 5862116
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City: Doha
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Filename: omnix-qatar-co
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Salahudeen, 07.12.2008
Omnix Qatar Co. is a wholly owned company having its base in Doha-Qatar to serve the IT requirements in the state of Qatar. OMNIX is part of the well known SALAM INTERNTIONAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD (previously known as Salam Holding) as their venture into the sophisticated and highly technology intensive field of information management. Omnix Qatar is focused entirely on the IT needs of major industrial and commercial potentials of Qatar. Our mission, vision, goal and objective are entirely dedicated towards a quality customer orientation and service. Omnix Goal and Objective is Dedicated and Focused entirely towards a quality customer orientation and service.
Salahudeen, 07.12.2008
Information Technology has become the single most powerful force shaping the structure and functions of today’s enterprises. Established in 1992, Omnix Qatar specializes in Document Management Systems, Business Systems and Office Automation, Data Centers, Enterprise Servers, Engineering Applications, Internet and Intranet Solutions, Relational Database Management Systems, Enterprise Network Solutions and Project Management Software. The company is the leading IT Systems Integrator in Qatar in their area of core competencies. Omnix is currently exploring new local vertical markets such as banking, regional expansion in document management systems and offering consulting services to its partners.

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