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Sanela (Sanny), 25.12.2008

Moza bint Mohammed Elementary School for Girls - Doha

Contact Information:
PO Box 82600
State of Qatar

Grades Served: PreK-4
Student Gender: Female
Language Used: Arabic and English
Enrolment: 556 (as of 2007)

Moza bint Mohammed Elementary School for Girls Educational Plan

Moza bint Mohammed Elementary School for Girls School Mission

Moza Bint Mohammed Independent School has adopted a logo "we touch the future.” The future is our kindergarten students up to grade six. The school will install the students with clear vision of the future they aspire to achieve, as well, fill them with their glorious passed through basic educational subjects which are presented by the most recent educational and scientific techniques and technology. Graduating a generation of Qatari students who are eager to get modern knowledge and aspire to live in a world where powerful learners are respected, refer to Islamic and Arabic principles and values and proud of their country by the following:
  1. Building up the educational programs, which will be in alignment with the Qatari Curriculum Standards developed by Supreme Educational Council.
  2. Creating appropriate atmosphere for excellent academic achievements.
  3. Improving students’ ability and creativity in different aspects.
  4. Encouraging students to participate in the educational process through information research, using a technology rich environment
  5. Applying equal educational opportunities for students’ right to learn.
  6. Developing respect the beliefs and cultures of others and to be proud of their citizenship loyalty and its values.
  7. Supporting the spirit of teamwork among the school and the society for the benefit of the students who the school considers the axis of its care.
  8. Providing opportunities for critical thinking using learners centered approach.
  9. Encouraging students to be open to the world by referring to the universal resources.
  10. Believing that the educational process is a changing one that students have the main role in.
  11. Giving students the right to evaluate themselves by different techniques.
  12. Emphasizing the right of families and society to contribute and participate in the educational process
  13. Encouraging students to participate in universal and national events.
  14. Graduating students with stabilized character guided by the mission of the Prophet obligated to the right method pf conviction aligned with good behaviour.
  15. Being conversant with the standard Arabic language and proud speaking in it.

Moza bint Mohammed Elementary School for Girls Educational Goals:

Our school learning goals reflect our school mission and educational plan, which guide our students towards the acquisition of skills, and qualities necessary to become successful, life long learners and be able to participate in their community life. Our educational goals are:
  1. To educate a generation who are proud of their religion and citizenship, and respect other cultures.
  2. To believe in hard work on which excellence and perfect performance depends. Also to believe in the high credibility and validity of the curriculum and programs which will be prepared to these high standards.
  3. To develop students’ intellectual skills to meet world-class standards, by encouraging reading and researching.
  4. To develop highly literate bilingual students, through an emphasis on English as a medium of instruction for English, math and science.
  5. To integrate ICT in different fields.
  6. To prepare critical, creative, artistic, and independent thinkers for a democratic society.
  7. To build a generation which is able to make decisions and actively participate in society.
  8. To motivate society participation through a practical learning process.
  9. To recognize the importance of health awareness.
  10. To ensure that students are at the heart of the learning process.
  11. To actively involve parents in the education of their daughters.
  12. Develop reading and writing skills in both Arabic and English
  13. Develop the ability of speaking and communicating in formal Arabic and English fluently

Moza bint Mohammed Elementary School for Girls School Operator: Sheikha Al-Mansoori

B.S. degree in elementary education, a diploma from the language Institute, and a special diploma in Education. Mrs. Al-Mansoori has an extensive experience as an educator and has worked in teaching and administration for more than 23 years. She has served as a teacher, inspector and school director. She has participated in numerous training courses, seminars and conference in Qatar and abroad on teaching methodologies, curriculum's, educational resources, public relations and evaluation. She also has developed tests, curriculums and educational tools and has conducted research, school performance evaluations and workshops for teaching and administrative staff.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box: 82600, Doha – Qatar
Tel: 4678734 and/or 4677608
Fax: 4677609
Sanela (Sanny), 25.12.2008

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