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County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Khalifa, 25.12.2008
Khalifa Secondary Boys Independent School
Supreme Education Council

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Privacy Statement

Madynat Khalifa
State of Qatar

School Mission
This school provides a modern educational environment focused on the learning of basic academia committed to the national standards developed by the SEC, which was launched with the education initiative “Education for a New”.

This school aims to prepare students to pursue an advanced and creative life, by providing them with the skills to enable them to continue their studies in top universities in Qatar and abroad.

The vision of this school starts from the basics which starts with producing a generation of students, educated and cultured, whether through Islamic religion, customs, traditions, or heritage, which helps build sophisticated, balanced distinct personalities. This vision and message gives students a variety of skills to develop a spirit of cooperation to be an effective individual with regard to interaction in community. Students should communicate with their parents and school.

Educational Goals
This school is going to achieve goals such as:

* Equipping students with different specialties and integrated culture.

* Allowing students to have practical experiences in the laboratories themselves, in order to achieve the learning experience and direct simulation within groups.

* The school aims to preserve the customs and traditions of country.

* Teaching science and mathematics in English.

* The use of different methods of teaching taking into account individual differences among students.

* Highlighting the role of the school in the community and linking parents with the school.

* Participation of students and parents in the formulation of policy making within the educational process and along with the Board of Trustees.

* Enabling Students to use computers in their scientific and practical life.

* Create interest in extra-curricular activities of the school along with outside volunteer work and charities.

* Create a strong and effective link between independent schools.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box: 20113, Doha – Qatar
Tel: 5650504 - 4887678
Fax: 4997937

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