Karmah Trading and Services LLC Qatar

Company: Karmah Trading and Services LLC Doha
Description: Industrial Category, General >>> Acoustic Materials;
Entertainment and Media >>> Amusement Park Equipment Suppliers;
Entertainment and Media >>> Amusement Park Rides Equipment;
Building and Construction >>> Bricks - Common, Face & Interlocking;
Building and Construction >>> Building Management Systems;
Flooring >>> Carpet Tiles;
Building and Construction >>> Ceilings;
Stoneworks >>> Ceramics Marbles & Potteries;
Stoneworks >>> Clay & Clay Products;
Stoneworks >>> Clay Bricks;
Industrial Category, General >>> Coatings - Industrial;
Building and Construction >>> Construction and Building Material Suppliers;
Building and Construction >>> Drainage Products;
Electric and Electro Mechanic >>> Electrical Equipment and Material Sales;
Electric and Electro Mechanic >>> Electrical Test & Measuring Equipment;
Building and Construction >>> Fencing Suppliers & Contractors;
Flooring >>> Flooring & Ceiling Product Suppliers & Contractors;
Flooring >>> Flooring Products;
Furniture, Home and Office >>> Furniture - Luxury;
Industrial Category, General >>> Gratings;
Insulation and Sealing >>> Insulation Material Suppliers;
Decorating, General >>> Interior Finishers;
Laboratories and Scientific Analysis >>> Lab Supplies and Equipment;
Garden >>> Landscaping Equipment & Supplies;
Building and Construction >>> Partitions;
Education and Schooling >>> Playground Equipment;
Education and Schooling >>> School Furniture & Equipment;
Industrial Category, General >>> Seating Systems;
Safety and Security >>> Security Control Equipment & Systems;
Stoneworks >>> Ceramic Tile Sales;
Stoneworks >>> Tiles - Mosaic;
Pre-fabricated Objects >>> Toilets - Cubicle;
Valves >>> Valves;
Building and Construction >>> Suppliers of Building Materials and Other Miscellaneous Building Supplies
Telephone: Main Telephone: 450-5001
Detail: PO Box: 10672
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: karmah-trading-and-services
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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