International Technology For Aluminum and Glass Company Qatar

Company: International Technology For Aluminum and Glass Company Doha
Description: Metals, General >>> Aluminum Wholesale and Aliminum Treatment/Production;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium & Welding;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Cladding Panels;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Composite Panels;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Doors & Windows;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Fabrication Systems;
Metals, General >>> Aluminum Treatment and Fabrications;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Systems;
Metals, General >>> Aluminium Working Machines;
Doors and Windows >>> Doors & Gates - Automatic;
Doors and Windows >>> Doors & Gates - Rolling & Sliding;
Doors and Windows >>> Doors - Glass;
Glass and Mirrors >>> Glass & Mirror Suppliers;
Glass and Mirrors >>> Glass - Frameless Systems;
Glass and Mirrors >>> Glass - Stained & Leaded;
Building and Construction >>> Suppliers of Building Materials and Other Miscellaneous Building Supplies
Telephone: Main Telephone: 460-6271
Detail: PO Box: 6457
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: international-technology-for-aluminum-and-glass-company
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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The manager. Dear Sir, We are the export division of SOLIC automatic sliding door operators for building façade and so forth. We have various kinds of the sliding door operators that have been developed with the latest Hi-Tec. We supply our door operators to many projects in the world. We have developed our new product Electromatic (electro+automatic) sliding door closer SC-06 with microcomputer control that is very much useful for indoor such as hospitals, computer rooms ,laboratories, office rooms, welfare institutions, special rooms, school departments, health and aged care facilities, and so forth. If you would be interested in this closer our with microcomputer control, please contact us Regards, K. Hino-Director EIWA TRADING COMPANY Osaka, Japan Tel: 06 6977 0974, Fax: 06 6974 5995 E-mail: SOLIC CO.,LTD. Tokyo, Japan:
George, 28.07.2011
Dear M/s. International Tech., It\'s for my pleasure that to request a job at your company as it\'s one of the biggest companies in this field. Therefore, I have experience 10 years in aluminum field (5 years in UAE) as project manager. I hope that it\'ll get your satisfaction. Thank you for your help, hopefully see you soon. Best Regards, George Ezzat
Maroun Fares, 16.01.2011
looking for a job in a glass company in qatar

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