Haji Mohd Danesh Lari & Company Qatar

Company: Haji Mohd Danesh Lari & Company Doha
Description: Companies
Telephone: Office: 4443575; Fax: 4434522; Mobile: No Information Available
Detail: no-data
Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: haji-mohd-danesh-lari-and-company
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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yoganand, 13.11.2011
we from India,s in world big i,t,b,t,hub Banglore based coffeecounty resorts spa, we registered company, we had Own commercial site,it is total 140more ac e.it site Alwayes rich green coffee estate,its existing 2no big Lakes for Booting site had always rich green kinds of Trees, gust visit to 400more 12 centuries King HOYSALA,S time temp ls,it is handmade by Stone carving jewelery works Incredible also it temp ls world fumes.Site in world kinds of green coffee estate in side TRAILS, spa, golf,kinds of Rich tourists attractive site.its inf rant open-to-Skye kinds of curlers Paddy cove step by step 3 side Amazing view Resort Located big i,t,hubs cit yes, 3 Big SEZ zones, 2International airports, 5carporats cit yes,7Univessityes world heritage UNESCO approved 4heritage center near st our resort.Also resort place Sakaleashpur-Hassan always rich floating zone from International Domestic tourists,Also place had India,s all metro cit yes connect NH 4lane Buss Trance roads.Also we attractive world wide difference kinds of Rich,Long time staying tourists Asian fascia-fic Regine countries golf playrs, Honey moon rs, cup ls, etc. Our resort One pool villa, 12 squires, 2no open-to-Skye\'s,courtyard, La by,leaving hall, swimmingpool, etc,.It is truly Old Charm tip of concept pool villa,s.it is rich attractive i,t,b,t,companies, Honey moon rs, cup ls, corporates,International domestic delegations,kinds of rich, long time staying tourists, weekend tourists, golf play rs, etc.Also we planed Affiliate like RCI etc groups we planed Booking Agents Install India,s all metro cit yes world wide. SO coffee county pool villa,s always Absevlilty always 100% occupancy Business.NOTE we get all permeation from govt of department,So we looking by stand 300no Individual pool villa,s 40-60Million US $ Investor.Also we planed start business from 80 no pool villa,s ,Its concoction time 10month, investment 8Million US$ investor. Also we planed 1 pool villa,s Kinds of Tariff from AP plane, Like 1 individual pool villa,s 1 day weekdays 7800US $. Weekend day es 8600US $. X-mas Holiday es-10900US $. also we planed kinds Packages, Like Monsoon time Packages, Holidays packages,Honeymoon Packages, etc kinds Tariffs. Also we planed setup resorts India,s all metro cites Asian face-FICA Regine.So we send to you coffeecounty pool villa,s Proposal bird eye view etc, send to us your email i,d, contact us by Skye i,d, coffee.spa we request you contact imitated, we fully hope you don\'t, Hesitate our request ,it is rich Opportunity for you

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