Final Touch For Marble & Stone Company Qatar

Company: Final Touch For Marble & Stone Company Doha
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Telephone: Office: 4353311; Fax: No Information Available; Mobile: 5787633
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Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: final-touch-for-marble-and-stone-company
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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elwaleed4marble, 18.09.2011
To: - Owners of Companies For Marble and Granit Respected .... Greetings .... We are a company of marble and Jeraniet established in Egypt and we want to deal with you, and we would like to introduce you that we are a group of quarries in China and Mena have our own factory and we export different kinds of marble, including: - 1 decent Gold Marble 2 majesty Karima Marble 3 Zafarana Marble 4 Mina China Marble 5 Marble Trieste 6 Khatmiyya 7 clecpatra 8 Ellery ran all kinds of raw material for this Alanikat We also export to some Arab and foreign countries such as:- Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Lebanon,France, Portugal, Argentina and Italy. All of this competition at excellent prices all other prices. Yours sincerely ....... Director of the company Head office: 1 Building 11 B - El Ofok El Gaded Street - Real Estate Company Engineering Consultancy buildings - Zahra El Maadi , Cairo, Egypt Telephone: +20105251900 / +20101274274 Factory: Shak El Te\'aban , El Maadi , Cairo, Egypt Email: , Customer Care: Website: , 致: - 業主公司大理石和格蘭尼特尊敬.... 問候.... 我們是一家公司的大理石和Jeraniet成立於埃及,我們要對付你,我們想向您介紹,我們是一個組的採石場在中國與中東及北非有自己的工廠,我們出口的不同類型的大理石,包括: - 1體面的黃金大理石 2威嚴 Karima大理石 3 Zafarana大理石 4米娜中國大理石 5大理石里雅斯特 6 Khatmiyya 7 clecpatra 8埃勒里跑各種原材料此Alanikat 我們還出口到一些阿拉伯和外國,如: - 沙特阿拉伯和阿拉伯聯合酋長國,阿爾及利亞,黎巴嫩, 法國,葡萄牙,阿根廷和意大利。 所有這些出色的價格競爭在所有其他的價格。 此致....... 該公司董事 總公司:1棟11 B - EL Ofok厄爾尼諾 Gaded街 - 房地產公司 工程諮詢建築 - 扎赫拉厄爾尼諾馬迪,開羅,埃及 電話:20105251900/20101274274 工廠:SHAK厄爾尼諾 Te\'aban,厄爾尼諾馬迪,開羅,埃及 電子郵件, 客戶服務 網址,
hamistone1, 12.03.2011
Dear Sir Or Madam Wish everything goes on well with you all the time This is Hami Sanat Isfahan Co., main Supplier and Manufacturer of all kinds of Iranian stones like Marble, Travertine, Onyx, and limestone. Since the Qatar Project Exhibition 2011 is coming, it is our great honor to invite you to visit our booth there. Our booth number has been fixed as below: Location: Doha Exhibition Center Duration: May 02-05, 2011 Booth No.: W100 Hall No.: 4 We will be respectfully waiting for your coming If you will be in the Exhibition, please come to our booth and visit our Products, Looking forward to meeting you and cooperating with you

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