Elder Tree Nursery Qatar

Company: Elder Tree Nursery Doha
Description: Education and Schooling >>> Educational Institutions, Schools;
Education and Schooling >>> Educational Institutions, Kindergarten, Primary School and Prep Schools
Telephone: Main Telephone: 455-1020
Detail: PO Box: 3857
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: elder-tree-nursery-108594
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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sudhalakshmi, 15.11.2012
It is a great and one of the best child care.They are take care not only child, otherwise our good breathe .Because they are maintains the \"GREEN WORLD\" Thank you very much.
sudhapugazh, 12.11.2012
Sudhalakshmi P Age : 34 Visa : Family Visa (Under Husband Sponsor) Nationality : Indian, Tamilnadu. Husband : Pugazhendi M, IT Support Officer, Doha Children : 1 Girl 8 Years old 1 Boy 5 Years old, studying in Ideal Indian School Residing at : Old Airport, Doha. Landline : 44215245 Mobile : 33540476, Husband Mobile: 55470616 Email id : sudhapugazh@yahoo.com Career Goal: To work as a child care teacher assistant and utilize my knowledge and skills in child care and development for shaping the lives of the little children Key Skills: • Extensive knowledge about the ideal teaching techniques and methodologies • In depth knowledge of child psychology that allows to work with children suffering from mental or physical disabilities effortlessly • Possess genuine love and compassion towards children, their wellbeing and their safety • High patience and understanding levels • Skillful in areas of art, craft, dance and drama Educational Qualifications: • M.COM, Annamalai University,India, 2003 ( Incomplete ) • Diploma in Computer Application, Microcomupter Center,India, 2000 • Advanced diploma in Java Programming, Microcomupter Center,India, 2001 Work Summary: • Accounts Assistant, DAMAC,DOHA-QATAR, 2006 • Pre-School Child Education Department, Tamilnadu, India, 1999-2003 Responsibilities: • Assist the class teacher in performing day to day responsibilities efficiently • Create a positive and encouraging learning environment for the students • Be attentive towards the health, safety and physical needs of the children • Conduct several extracurricular activities in sports, arts and academics that will bring about social and educational growth of the child • Evaluate the child\'s progress and report the progress details to the child\'s parents • Support the head teacher in performing all functions of routine and special nature, necessary for the well being of the child • Ensure the teaching methods and practices, used within the classrooms are in sync with modern times • Maintain the attendance records of the students • Assist during the meal times, by ensuring kids have lunch during the scheduled time, they eat nutritious food in required quantities and are taught the basic table manners • Introduce innovative teaching techniques to make learning a fun experience for students Language Proficiency: • Proficient in speaking and writing English and Tamil Languages Technical Proficiency: • Competent in using MS office applications like MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and Internet.

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