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Aldiana Haaz, 22.12.2008
The quality of learning available at Education City is unequaled because of the unique combination of world-renowned educational partners coupled with a student population that is highly motivated and high performing. Most students find this kind of rigorous study challenging yet much more fulfilling than taking the easy way toward achieving a college degree. The rigor of students' study assures that they are prepared for the decades of change that are ahead throughout the globe.

The quality of learning at Education City is different than most other institutions because learning is offered everywhere - in the classroom, through individual research, by participating in student organizations, and by learning to live in a residential community.

These practical in and out-of-class encounters produce learners who know how to learn in a variety of settings; the result is Education City graduates who are life-long learners and who will always be top performers in comparison to those who have not had such transformative learning opportunity.

How many students are enrolled in Education City universities? What is the nationality and gender breakdown?

As of academic year 2007-2008, there were a total of 1124 students 51% Qatari and 49% international. The gender breakdown of the students is 60% female, 40% male. The students studying at Education City come from wide ranging backgrounds from USA, UK, Australia, France, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, India, Iran, Turkey and Korea.

Education City is the flagship project of Qatar Foundation. Located on the western edge of Doha, it is a campus that spreads over 1,000 ha or 2,500 acres. The campus houses the majority of Qatar Foundation's member institutions in a set of futuristic buildings designed by some of the world's greatest architects. The master plan of the campus was devised by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, who also designed a number of the existing buildings. Around one-third of the scheme has been completed and the rest is due for completion by the end of the decade. In a revision of the original plan, further land has been acquired adjacent to the campus which will allow for future development and expansion.

Although Education City is a magnificent architectural project, it has an even more important ambition to restructure society through education, research and community development. For this reason it can also be seen as a remarkable new concept in social development. It is a network of organisations, each dedicated to pursuing excellence in its areas of specialization. Through multiple links these member institutions are growing together into an engine that will drive Qatar into a new knowledge-based era. They are also interacting in a wide variety of ways with other partners in the country, so that Education City becomes totally woven into the fabric of Qatari society. Education City has educational provision from early years to university level. Masters programs are starting in 2008. Some specialised institutions address particular educational niches.

The campus is also a home for research. New knowledge will be created at universities and other research institutions. Some of this will link with the more commercially oriented research and development being conducted by the tenants of Qatar Science and Technology Park, and may reach the stage of commercialisation. This will be the foundation of new, high-technology industries that will help diversify Qatar's economy. The full benefits of education and research can take many years to reach fruition. In the meantime, a range of community outreach programs is helping transform lives in targeted sectors even now.

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