Doha English Speaking School Qatar

Company: Doha English Speaking School Doha
Description: Schools, Education
Telephone: Office: 4826530; Fax: 4875921; Mobile: No Information Available
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City: Doha
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Filename: doha-english-speaking-school
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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, 01.02.2011
Sameer, 25.12.2008
DESS enjoys the support of a highly effective group of professionals. We work as teams to make the best possible progress toward the school's vision. Children, teachers, Teaching Assistants, admin and caretaking staff cooperate to bring about the developments required to help DESS to continually improve. Eddie Liptrot, Eleanor Milne and Karen Wilson, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher respectively, form the Senior Management Team and work closely with the School Leadership Team and other teams to consider and oversee school development. The school is governed by a highly supportive Board of Governors, which includes a British Embassy Representative.

`Our teachers have UK recognised teaching qualifications and experience in teaching in 'National Curriculum' schools. Teachers and Teaching Assistants enter into programmes of professional development which entail periods of sustained learning, while modelling a skills based curriculum which is so important to the education of our children.

As a staff we attempt to lead a reasonably balanced life and maintain a sense of humour, which makes DESS a happy place for all.


Eddie Liptrot is the Headteacher

Admin Staff

Mrs. Angela Harris (Uniform Shop Assistant), Mrs. May Nepia (Registrar), Mr. Eddie Liptrot (Headteacher), Mrs. Lucynda Vaughan (Bursar), Miss Karen Wilson (Assistant Headteacher), Mrs. Pamela Thomas (General Secretary), Mr. Victor Lewis (Chief Accountant), Mr. Achuta Prasad (IT Administrator), Mrs. Trish Mills (Headteacher's Secretary), Mrs. Eleanor Milne (Deputy Headteacher), Mrs. Sonia Peate (Purchaser), Mrs. Nicola Murray (ICT Teaching Assistant).

Learning Support Staff

Mrs Fehmida Patel, Mrs Yvonne Hayes, Miss Elaine Wills, Mrs Sue McGuire

Nursery Staff

Mrs Sarah Cameron, Mrs Angeline McDonald, Mrs Alison Wordward, Miss Fiona Campbell, Mrs Wendy Styles, Mrs Debra Morrison, Mrs Michelle Witty, Mrs Liz Zid.

Reception Staff

Mrs Chris Biston, Miss Amanda Owles, Miss Rachel Muirhead, Mrs Julie Richards, Mrs Viv Buckle, Mrs Kay Stothard, Mrs Margaret Trucker, Miss Julie Hirst.

Year 1 Staff

Miss Kirsteen Simpson, Mrs Sharon Jeffery , Miss Julie Donaldson, Mrs Donna Woodcock, Mrs Kathy Jordan, Mrs Deborah Chapman , Mrs Kath Gardner, Miss Sharmon Allen.

Year 2 Staff

Mrs Pam Cockbill, Mrs Maureen McMillin, Miss Madeleine Brooks, Mrs Belinda Lingane, Miss Nicky Pinson, Mrs Sandra Bettit.

Year 3 Staff

Mrs Nabila Majid, Mrs Deborah Horn, Mr Iain Hope, Mrs Diane Morris, Miss Sharran Thurlow.

Year 4 Staff

Mrs Caroline Stewart, Mrs Carmel Liptrot, Mrs Nicky Nightingale Mrs Lesley Proctor, Mrs Christine Edgar.

Year 5 Staff

Mrs Louise Wilkinson, Mr John Nock, Mrs Brenda Bayles, Miss Susanne Cameron, Mrs Claire Wright.

Year 6 Staff

Mrs Margaret Seymour, Mrs Ann Mortimer, Mr Pat Edgar, Mrs Marianna Westley, Miss Catherine Francis.

PE Staff

Mr Steve Wilkinon, Mr David Proudfoot, Mrs Jane Hall, Mrs Manda Austin, Mrs Celia Scott, Mrs Joanne Dick.

Specialist Staff

Miss Rachel Teague, Mrs Beverley Phillips, Mrs Jillian Goff.

Library Staff

Mrs Angie Hughes, Mrs Helen Murase, Mrs Line Asghar.


Mrs Caroline Cowland.


Doha English Speaking school
P.O. BOX 7660

PHONE: (974) 4870170

FAX: (974) 4875921




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