Conor International Express Cargo Qatar

Company: Conor International Express Cargo Doha
Description: Cargo and Logistics >>> Transportation Companies, Air and Sea Specialized;
Cargo and Logistics >>> Cargo & Freight Containers;
Cargo and Logistics >>> Cargo Services and Logistics;
Cargo and Logistics >>> Container Sales & Leasing;
Cargo and Logistics >>> Freight Forwarding, Cargo and Logistics Services;
Packing and Packaging >>> Packing Services - Local;
Marine and Sea Related >>> Shipping and Transportation Companies and Agents
Telephone: Main Telephone: 441-8453
Detail: PO Box: 22755
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: conor-international-express-cargo
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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ruben varron, 15.03.2015
good day,i just want to inform aboiut my package,what day or months it arrive here in cebu,im already in cebu but my package is not yet arrive,so i just want and hope that it came and arrive as soon as possible bcause im going back to Quatar but my package is not yet arrive,this is my no.receipt#127567,so pls inform me or call me at this number 09275769194,thank you.
REX PANLILIO, 04.12.2014
i would like to inquire for my cargo (receipt no: 120132), dated september 17,2014 and still my package havent delivered up to december 4, 2014. PLEASE SEND ME THE MANILA ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBER FOR ME TO FOLLOW-UP MY PACKAGE. I AM HOPING FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE AND ACTION THANK YOU.
ROBERT AYO, 19.06.2014
I would like to inquire about my Cargo (tracking No. 111673 ), it was send last April 28, 2014 going to PILI, CAM. SUR, PHIL. According to you it will be delivered with in 45 days but up to this moment it is not delivered yet, it is 60 days now. Robert
julius cabilin, 17.01.2014
my box still not yet delivered almost 6o days already, i sent it last November 18, 2013 my reciept no 78758...may i know your office at manila for me to follow up tnx
Teofilo B. de Guzman, 19.12.2013
my box still not yet delivered almost 60 days already,it was sent last October 19, 2013 what happen until now i did not receive, pls follow up. my reciept # 75269. thank you
ronaldo cortez, 17.10.2013
My package still not yet delivered almost 65 days left. What is the problem of your schedule? My del no. is 84832. Pls expedite to follow up. and may I know your latest contact no. in manila office.
jomar cureg, 08.03.2013
why may cargo still not yet arrive it was sent last jan 19 2013 receipt number 65334 and can i have your manila contak number for fallow up please
, 19.06.2012

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