Amina Bint Wahab School For Girls Qatar

Company: Amina Bint Wahab School For Girls Doha
Description: Education >>> Secondary School For Girls
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County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Kan Zamin, 17.12.2008
Dr. Zeyad Fakhry Saeed Al-Any (School Operator) Address: P. O. Box 24917 Doha -
Qatar Tel: 436 7623 ext. 04,53 Fax: 436 7620 E-mail:

School Mission:
To provide students with a high quality of education in scientific and technical
skills, which will help to develop the society into becoming an educated one,
which can face challenges in the scientific and technological world, and will be
able to contribute towards the development of science and technology.
School Objectives:
To bring out qualified graduates who are capable of developing advanced thinking
skills, master (in depth) the curriculum contents, perform standard laboratory
procedures, and be able to communicate, write and present scientific reports, as
well as develop awareness on the ethical foundations of scientific practices and
To integrate science with a practical educational program that has comprehensive
multiple objectives to meet the standards of modern secondary education
School Services:
Introducing two academic and scientific programs that are included in the
educational plan with similarity in the basic subjects (Science, Mathematics,
English, and Arabic language) with minor differences in the practical
applications of the curriculum, but will be similar in the Islamic studies,
social science, technological education, arts, and physical education.. Teaching
a curriculum that is based on the standards of the Education Institute of the
SEC in the four core subjects (English, Math, Science &Arabic). English, Math,
and Science will be taught in English.
Other subjects Islamic Studies, Arts and Social Studies will be taught in
Arabic. The students will have opportunities to engage in scientific
investigations through hands-on-experience and experimentations, which enhance
scientific knowledge and develop technical skills.
Creating an interesting environment by encouraging students to become involved
in research projects, by attending scientific and cultural lectures & seminars
out side of the school.
Participation in scientific & cultural and activities. Encouraging students by
regularly rewarding distinguished articles written by students for school
bulletins and the local newspapers. Making visits to the local scientific,
cultural, health, environmental and industrial institutions and factories.
Organizing sport and athletic events.
Publish a bilingual newsletter and encourage students to write on cultural and
scientific articles and encouraging them by rewarding a distinguished article in
each issue.
Link the school online, and set up two computer laboratories so that information
technology is gradually integrated with the curriculum.
Set up the school library with books, periodical magazines, and computer
Hold periodical educational and scientific seminars.
Provide a fulltime doctor at the school clinic.
Establish a board of trustees including the school operators, the school
principal, and three members from the students’ parents in addition to two
academic members to be elected from the local society.

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