American Life Insurance Company Qatar

Company: American Life Insurance Company Doha
Description: Insurance
Telephone: Office: 4655057; Fax: 4663409; Mobile: No Information Available
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City: Doha
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Filename: american-life-insurance-company
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Francis Xavier Lobo, 21.06.2012
Dear Sir/Madam, Please send me your Doha, Qatar Alico office Location, address Telephone Number. Regards, Francis
alice, 02.12.2008
American life insurance company (ALICO), originally named Asia Life Insurance Company, was formed 85 years ago in Shanghai, China by Mr. C.V. Starr, the founder of what would later become ALICO's parent company, American International Group, Inc. (AIG). Within ten years, C.V. Starr had opened offices across China, Hong Kong and elsewhere throughout Southeast Asia. After World War II the Company turned its sights towards the Caribbean, and subsequently towards the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Far East and the Americas: In 1951, Asia Life Insurance Company changed its name to American Life Insurance Company (ALICO). Today, ALICO, with its Home Office in Wilmington, Delaware USA, operates in more than 55 countries and territories around the world and continues to expand its global network.

American Life Insurance Company (ALICO), a subsidiary of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), is one of the largest international life insurance companies in the world. ALICO's branches and subsidiaries market a wide range of life and health insurance products, including traditional, variable universal and credit life insurance, as well as supplemental medical and personal accident products, health and hospitalization insurance, group life, pensions and annuities through a variety of channels. The company operates in more than 55 countries and regions around the world including Japan, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2006, ALICO celebrated its 85th anniversary serving and providing financial security to policy owners globally. Experience gained through international diversification sets ALICO apart. Based upon this experience, ALICO has cultivated the ability to respond quickly to changing customer needs and marketplace conditions. It remains committed to pursuing a strategy of customized products and distribution channels to meet the particular and changing needs of consumers in each country where ALICO operates. Local knowledge and awareness has typified ALICO's history and continues to this day. ALICO's global reach, its strategic focus on emerging markets and its financial strength continue today as the Company serves its costumers in the 21st century.

American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) AIG Life has been present in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region since 1952 with its regional headquarters at DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) and maintains a leading presence in 14 territories across the region starting from Bangladesh (1952), Lebanon (1953), Saudi Arabia (1954), Kuwait (1954), Jordan (1958), Bahrain (1960), United Arab Emirates (1962), Qatar (1962), Oman (1971), Turkey (1988), Pakistan (1995), Palestine (1996), Egypt (1997) and Nepal (2001).

ALICO AIG Life - MEASA employs over 1,500 skilled insurance professionals in the region and maintains a sales force of over 16,000 insurance agents and sales representatives in MEASA as of December 31, 2007

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