Ali Bin Ali Est Qatar

Company: Ali Bin Ali Est Doha
Description: Air Conditioning, Cooling and Heating, Refrigeration >>> Air Conditioners - Split Units;
Air Transport and Aviation >>> Airlines, Air Companies, Air Transportations of Customs and Goods;
TV and Video >>> Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers - Retail;
TV and Video >>> Audio Visual Production Services;
Retail Sales >>> Binoculars - Retail;
Building and Construction >>> Buildings - Pre Engineered & Pre Fabricated;
Computers, Information Technology Services >>> Computer Networks and Networking Services and Systems;
Computers, Information Technology Services >>> Computer Systems and Services, IT;
Computers, Information Technology Services >>> Software and Computer Programs, Programming Services;
Contracting, General >>> General Contracting Services;
Office Support >>> Corporate Headquarters;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Dental Equipment & Supplies;
Food, General Sales and Production >>> Food Import and Sales at Wholesale Level;
Furniture, Home and Office >>> Furnishers - Contract;
Retail Sales >>> Gifts and Novelties;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Hospital Equipment & Supplies;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Hospital Furniture;
Photography Services >>> Imaging Equipments & Cameras - Retail;
Decorating, General >>> Interior Design and interior Decoration;
Retail Sales >>> Watches and Jewellery;
Retail Sales >>> Watches and Jewellery;
Laboratories and Scientific Analysis >>> Lab Supplies and Equipment;
Retail Sales >>> Leather Goods - Retail;
Cargo and Logistics >>> Logistics Services;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Medical Equipment and Supplies Sales;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Medical Furniture;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Medical Goods Suppliers;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Medical Laboratories;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Medical Laboratory Suppliers;
Instruments >>> Non - Destructive Testing Materials Equipment;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Opticians & Optical Goods Suppliers;
Sports/Hobby >>> Outdoor Leisure Equipment Suppliers;
Office Support >>> Pens;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Pharmaceutical Products - Wholesalers & Manufacturers;
Photography Services >>> Photographers - Commercial & Industrial;
Photography Services >>> Photographic Finishing - Retail;
Photography Services >>> Photographic Processors & Finishers;
Sports/Hobby >>> Physical & Fitness Equipment;
Plumbing and Piping >>> Pipes Sales and Pipe Fitting Vendors;
Printing and Duplication >>> Commercial Printers;
Printing and Duplication >>> Printing Presses;
Property, Sales and/or Management >>> Property and Real Estate Management Companies;
Advertising and Marketing >>> Publishers - Directory & Guide;
Property, Sales and/or Management >>> Real Estate and Property Mgmt.;
Food, General Sales and Production >>> Soft Drink Manufacturers - Bottlers & Distributors;
Sports/Hobby >>> Sports Equipment & Supplies;
Office Support >>> Retail Sales of Stationery Supplies;
Retail Sales >>> Supermarket and Drug Stores;
Travel Services >>> Tour Operators and Tourist Services;
Travel Services >>> Travel Agencies and Other Tourist Related Businesses;
Retail Sales >>> Watches and Jewellery
Telephone: Main Telephone: 446-9888
Detail: PO Box: 75
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: ali-bin-ali-establishment
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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