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Saanela Al Bashir, 25.12.2008
Leadership: Dr. Zeyad Fakhry Saeed Al-Any (School Operator)
Address: P. O. Box 24917 Doha - Qatar
Tel: 436 7623 ext. 04,53
Fax: 436 7620

2008 Fees

Fees are QAR 10,900/- to be paid either in full or in two installments.

Fee Exempts
  1. Qataris
  2. GCC nationals
  3. Qatari women daughters
  4. Daughters of governmental employees
  5. Daughters of semi-governmental employees (QP and its subsidiaries)
  6. Daughters of employees of Amiri Diwan
  7. Daughters of diplomatic personnel working in Qatar
  8. Daughters of employees of Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel
  9. Daughters of employees of Qatar Airways
  10. Daughters of employees of Qatar Central Bank

Residential area is irrelevant to enrollment.

Foreign certificates and/or certificates of private schools have to be matriculated from Examinations and Students' Affairs Department.
Amna, 25.12.2008

Amna Bint Wahab Girls Secondary School

Al-Sadd District - P.O. Box: 24917
State of Qatar
Grades Served: Secondary Level (10-12)
Student Gender: Girls
Language Used: Arabic and English
Enrolment: 431

School Mission:
Amna bint Wahab Independent Secondary School for Girls is a non-selective educational facility currently catering for girls in grades 10 - 12. The school offers a well balanced academically rigorous scientific programme designed to meet the needs of an evolving technological world.

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of our students so that they achieve their highest potential. We aim to educate, support, enlighten and inspire our students. Amna bint Wahab will provide education firmly rooted in the Arab, Islamic heritage and culture. Incorporating regional and international best practices, we will foster students who have appreciation of and access to other cultures enhancing citizenship, tolerance and global understanding.

Our curriculum will be based on the new internationally benchmarked standards with both advanced and foundation offered at all levels. Students learn best when they are the centre of the learning process. E- Learning, programming, independent learning and leadership will be fostered through our educational programmes. We are committed to academic excellence and equally committed to meeting with our students’ intellectual, aesthetic, social, physical and moral needs - so that they become responsible, contributing citizens and fulfilled human beings.
Our school is preparing students who will be able to compete internationally for placement in first class international universities. They will be able to take their place in the global workforce, whilst keeping their Arab values and identity.
We value mothers as first educators and acknowledge the importance of the whole family in the education process.
Our students are individuals who will:

* Be proud, cultivated Arabic Moslem young women leaders
* Have high standards of responsible citizenship
* Contribute to the wider world promoting international understanding and communication
* Challenge boundaries of individual student potential
* Contribute to advances in science and technology
* Establish a lifelong interest in learning
* Have access to tertiary education
* Have high expectations of themselves and of others
* Develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others
* Celebrate their womanhood while developing an informed awareness of women’s issues nationally and internationally
* Be critical thinkers, problem solvers, independent learners
* Be confident, competent, caring
* Develop leadership skills
* Be equipped with the skills of functional literacy in a digital age
* Add value to their community
* Be environmentally conscious

The school has been set up as a school with a scientific focus, and this will remain, but will be balanced with a broader curriculum which focuses on the development of each individual as a whole person. This means that there will be an opportunity for each student to develop their unique talents across a broader range of subjects. The school will exemplify and foster a sense of justice, equality and individual worth.

Standards of teaching, learning and assessment will be monitored by the administration and the Board of Trustees to ensure that the school community is held accountable for the maintenance of high standards. Information and communication technology will be integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Students will be able to find, retrieve, evaluate and use information in a responsible, ethical and effective manner.

Individual needs will be catered for, with opportunities for gifted and talented students as well as those with special learning needs. All students should be able to reach their full potential.

School vision
Our vision is to contribute to the development of an influential group of young, enlightened, adaptable and successful individuals by equipping them with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values. We will graduate a generation furnished with the highest standards of achievement, innovative approaches, creative women and methodical critical thinkers to assume future roles of responsibility in all walks of life. They will be guided by their religion and proud of their ethics, morals and their sense of belonging to the wider Arab world.

Educational Goals
As an outcome of the emphasis on learning at the school, students will be able to achieve the following objectives:

* The ability to work creatively, think analytically and solve problems
* A high degree of competence in the Arabic, English, Mathematics and Science
* Mastery of the knowledge, concepts and skills specified in the curriculum standards and beyond
* Perform well in the new national exams to move on to the next level
* Score well in international qualifying examinations for admission to first-class universities around the world
* Acquire higher order skills, such as critical thinking, enquiry and reasoning
* Learn through experimentation and discovery
* Become independent learners
* Develop strategies for dealing with a variety of issues in their lives
* Present themselves confidently and assertively
* Develop strong linguistic competence in Arabic and Standard English in order to:
o Become competent language users who are capable of using Arabic and Standard English in presentations, debates, writing, dialogue and any form of communication
o Use Arabic and English to reason logically to support or reject a particular view
o Appreciate local, regional, national and international, religious and human values;
o Appreciate the position of Arabic in the world of development research and evaluation skills
* Extend mathematical, scientific and technological capability in order to:
o Become mathematical problem solvers capable of solving familiar and unfamiliar problems in mathematical, real-world and other subjects’ settings
o Use calculators and computers to support and develop their work
o Communicate data accurately and precisely through natural and scientific language such as numbers, signs, symbols, diagrams, graphs
o Select and use different types of reasoning
o Apply mathematical ideas in modern society
o Sustain an interest in science and its applications
o Be proficient in the use of a range of scientific methods and techniques and in handling apparatus
o Recognize the importance of the application of scientific knowledge in the modern world and be aware of the moral, ethical, social and environmental implications
o Apply knowledge and understanding, analysis and evaluation of information
o Apply scientific enquiry skills and procedures

School Operator: Mrs. Hessa Ahmed Hamed Al-Hamed Al-Marawani
Bachelor of Arts in English Language from Qatar University (1992) and has a Diploma in English language (1996). Mrs. Al-Marawani worked as an English teacher in preparatory and secondary schools, English supervisor in the Ministry of Education, vice principal and principal for Amna bint Wahab Independent Secondary School for Girls. She has attended numerous seminars, workshops and training courses in the education domain. She has also presented a few papers on different subjects to various audiences.

Contact Information:
P.O. Box: 24917, Doha – Qatar
Tel:4367623 - 4367604 - 4425767

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