Al Sharqi Trading and Services Qatar

Company: Al Sharqi Trading and Services Doha
Description: Air Transport and Aviation >>> Aviation Lighting Equipment & Supplies;
Industrial Category, General >>> Barriers;
Industrial Category, General >>> Belts - Auto & Industrial;
Industrial Category, General >>> Boilers Industrial;
Industrial Category, General >>> Bolts & Nuts;
Building and Construction >>> Suppliers of Building Materials and Other Miscellaneous Building Supplies;
Cabling and Wiring >>> Cable and Wire Equipment and Supplies Sales;
Cabling and Wiring >>> Cable - Offshore;
Cabling and Wiring >>> Cable - Support Systems;
Cabling and Wiring >>> Cable Manufacturers & Suppliers;
Cabling and Wiring >>> Cable Test Equipment & Suppliers;
Cabling and Wiring >>> Cables - Subsea;
Carpentry >>> Carpentry Materials;
Industrial Category, General >>> Chains;
Chemicals and Chemistry >>> Chemical Cleaning;
Agency and Agents >>> Commission Agents & Identors;
Office Support >>> Company Sponsors;
Mechanical >>> Conveyor Belt Suppliers;
Dairy, Food Sales and Production >>> Dairy Hose & Fittings;
Drilling, Well Drilling and General Drilling >>> Drilling Equipment & Supplies;
Industrial Category, General >>> Exhaust Fans;
Fasteners >>> Fasteners - Industrial;
Electric and Electro Mechanic >>> Fibre Optic Lights;
Filters and Filtering Supplies >>> Filters - Air, Gas & Oil;
Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention >>> Fire Protection Equipment & Material Suppliers;
Industrial Category, General >>> Gaskets;
Wholesale Trade >>> General Trading and Contracting;
Industrial Category, General >>> Gloves - Work & Industrial;
Hardware >>> Hardware - Wholesale;
Industrial Category, General >>> Heat Exchangers;
Hoes >>> Hoses & Belting Suppliers;
Hoes >>> Hoses & Bolting Suppliers;
Industrial Category, General >>> Industrial Equipment, Tools and Supplies;
Instruments >>> Instrumentation Supplies & Services;
Lifts, Lifting >>> Lifting Equipment Suppliers;
Marine and Sea Related >>> Marine Communications Equipment Suppliers;
Marine and Sea Related >>> Marine Equipment & Supplies;
Health Services and Healthcare >>> Medical Equipment and Supplies Sales;
Offshoring, Offshore Services >>> Offshore Suppliers & Services;
Oil and Gas >>> Oil & Gas Equipment & Supplies;
Oil and Gas >>> Oil Well Equipment & Supplies;
Oil and Gas >>> Oilfield - Offshore Supplies & Services;
Oil and Gas >>> Oilfield Supplies and Equipment;
Oil and Gas >>> Oilfield Valves and Oilfield Instruments;
Industrial Category, General >>> Overalls;
Plumbing and Piping >>> Pipes Sales and Pipe Fitting Vendors;
Plumbing and Piping >>> Pipes - Stainless Steel;
Machinery, General >>> Plant Machinery & Heavy Equipment;
Power >>> Power Systems - Uninterruptable;
Instruments >>> Pressure Gauges;
Industrial Category, General >>> Pressure Vessels;
Industrial Category, General >>> Protective Clothing & Safety Equipment Suppliers;
Industrial Category, General >>> PVC Pipe & Pipe Fitting Suppliers;
Industrial Category, General >>> Refractory Materials;
Road and Transportation >>> Roads - Cable & Pipe Laying;
Industrial Category, General >>> Ropes;
Safety and Security >>> Safety Equipment - Industrial & Commercial;
Safety and Security >>> Safety Supplies and Clothing;
Safety and Security >>> Security Control Equipment & Systems;
Metals, General >>> Stainless Steel Hoses & Fittings;
Metals, General >>> Steel & Fabricated Steel Product Suppliers;
Metals, General >>> Steel Corrugated Boxes & Cartons Manufacturers;
Metals, General >>> Steel Suppliers;
Office Support >>> Trade and General Trade Services;
Industrial Category, General >>> Uninterrupted Power Supply;
Valves >>> Valves & Actuators;
Welding and Soldiering >>> Welding Equipment & Supplies
Telephone: Main Telephone: 435-4230
Detail: PO Box: 13681
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: al-sharqi-trading-and-services
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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