Al Sagheer Cosmetics Company Qatar

Company: Al Sagheer Cosmetics Company Doha
Description: Beautification, Personal Care and Beauty >>> Hairdressers and Beauty Salons
Telephone: Main Telephone: 496-6411
Detail: PO Box: 22606
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: al-sagheer-cosmetics-company
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Adelino Martins, 08.10.2012
Good morn The water kefir is recognized for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. In Portugal,Adelino Martins after 6 years of experiences manipulation of kefir for the cosmetic industry. The result of these products surpassed expected. The products of kefir have efficacy. Some of these products are used by people with skin diseases. The products nourish the skin and hair. Adelino has no partner, no experience in selling cosmetics. Mr. Adelino is willing to sell his patent and trademark. Will be delivered all the know-how developed dossiers technological. The sale includes the business plan. May see some products on the website below. Adelino sell your entire project to 500 000.00€ May submit proposals to Email: Greetings Com os melhores cumprimentos Adelino Martins kéfigel Cosméticos Naturais de kéfir e plantas Tlm: 351 934 112 300 Tff:351216035401

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