Al Omareiah Trading & Contracting Qatar

Company: Al Omareiah Trading & Contracting Doha
Description: Trading, Contracting, Companies
Telephone: Office: 4692247; Fax: 4692245; Mobile: 5848396
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Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
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Filename: al-omareiah-trading-and-contracting
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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RESUME Khaldi El Hosseyn Civil Engineer Infrastructure option Birthday: 17/01/1985. At ALGERIA Adresse: P.O BOX 17875. Doha Qatar E-mail: Marital Status: Single. Visa No: 132013388170 - Visa job Phone number: +974 70253370 Transferable visa available OBJECTIVE To contribute to the success of an organization through my in-depth knowledge and skills related to the field of my experiences, and to gain knowledge and experience at the same time. EDUCATION Jun 2004: Bachelor of public works and building .ALGERIA 2005/2010: Studding at ENSTP (high national University Engineering of public works) Alger. Alegria 2005/2010: Study as specialty Infrastructure; road and highways, Bases Airways (runway), railway, Earthwork in a great mass Drainage and Sewerage, Engineering of a pipe- line, drilling ways platforms Geotechnical Laboratory for Asphalt, CONCRETE, FLOORS, STEEL, Materials Structures ;Tunnels, bridges, Maritime ports work, Building, Steel structure, Concrete pre stressed reinforced concrete, Structural Dynamics ,Soil Mechanics , data processing,topography,hydraulic works Fluid Mechanics dams, Rock mechanics, geology, General methods of construction, material, Economy Resistance of materials, Rights of public works, Business Management, and architecture Summer internship 2009: (20 days) in the laboratory of public works in the province of khenchela ALGERIA. Sept2008-Dec2008: study manufactures GPL and assembly metal works (building with a soft steel structure). Sept 2009 -Oct 2009: study of a road between projects Asphalt, Earthwork between KOUBA-GARIDI Sept 2009 -Nov 2009: study of infrastructure of HASSI BERKINNE aerodrome (runway), (Algeria) Feb2009 -May 2009: practicum of group COSIDERE Project (technical bridge girder multiple of concrete PC factory post tensioning). Nov 2009: end of studies project last electrified double track railway line 45Km alger / tiziouzou ALGERIA January 2010: Bachelor\'s degree Engineer state Public Works and building Infrastructure option WORK EXPERIENCE January 2010: Project engineer of (GCB) the national company of Civil Engineer and building by abbreviation GCB is a company issued from SONATRACH projects (Engineering / construction / Oil Gas sectors). Site Engineer for projects (industrial engineering of great oil production refining petroleum manufactures GPL Client ; JGC - KBR (Japan USA) 46 000 m3 reinforced concrete. ALGERIA Dec 2010: Responsible Civil Earthwork (cut fill soil) and Asphalt projects (Motorways/Roads 188 Km) 18190000 m3 Earth movements Client ANA national agency of highways ALGERIA Oct 2012: responsible technical followed for projects Construction 04 services stations petrol of (HIGHWAY) (Civil Engineering, reinforced concrete, Earthwork, Asphalt, Steel structure, Drainage, network fire, piping Client NAFTAL (refining and marketing and distribution of petroleum products) Ministry of Energy ALGERIA Nov 2013: QA/QC Engineer: for projects of water transfer from dams, general Earthwork, excavation cavity and embankment of cutting on line and construction station of like sewage treatment, Water conveyance (27 km of cutting and 14000m3 reinforced concrete) Client SNC LAVALIN/ONA Mila Algeria Feb2014 Site Engineer for project P003-lusail Expressway Company Italy Doha International Construction Client HYUNDAI ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION / ONAIZA Qatar FOLLOWED SITE Control and followed the work of large works and CES following specifications and plans referred and approved. Inspection and the quality of materials as specified. Receiving formwork and reinforcement of infrastructure and superstructure (soles, girders, slab, floor poles ... Monitoring and verification of the quality of concrete on site at the time of casting (test, temperature, aggregates REALIZATION Installation site Organization providing site planning: Site safety Ordinate and control teams of workers Supply of materials and equipment on site Ensuring quality and good works before receiving the study office Coordination with BET to receive the completed work (large works and CES) Preparation of daily work progress reports, weekly and monsuel. Ensure the topography of buildings (implantation, levels. etc.) In Accordance with plans referred and approved. Make attachments and financial statements following the completion of work on site. Get approval of using material for fill works EUTDE Study of external works (surveying, leveling, longitudinal profile and cross section, calculating the pent ext.) Study of roads (tracer plan, longitudinal section and cross section, calculating cubature’s ext) Review of execution plans (civil engineering and formwork rebar and architectural plans) Preparation of specifications for submission Preparation of quantitative and estimates project Study progress schedules, procurement of completion prepared by the company SKILLS Good communication Powerful, solid and bright to work under pressure Able to monitor and manage critical situations and to make decisions in the immediate. Working knowledge of MS Office - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint. Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7. Software, AutoCAD, SAP2000, Robot, PISTE, COVADIS, ETAPS Diploma: AutoCAD, SAP2000, French language Languages: Arabic and French: written, spoken and read fluently Average Languages English Cover letter Subject: JOB APPLICATION I have the honor to request your high benevolence kindly granted me my application in your business. I inform you sir that I am a young 29 year old Algerian; I am Engineer state Public Works and building (ENSTP) , I have as specialty Infrastructure; road and highways, Bases Airways (runway), railway, Earthwork in a great mass, Drainage , Engineering of a pipe- line, drilling ways platforms and Structures ;Tunnels, bridges, Maritime ports work, Building, Steel structure. I have 04 years of experience as Head of earthworks in the Motorways/Roads (Algeria), and construction of 04 service station in the \' freeway, and water transfer from dams station of like sewage treatment, I inform you that my current situation especially since I \'m single and free of commitment will I are working not even anywhere near my home and for a long time for this, I hope my application would have the desired response. I would like to make in your business my contribution to quality control or in a manufacturing process. Pending a favorable result at my request, please accept Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration. The interested

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