Al Noof Recruitment Services Qatar

Company: Al Noof Recruitment Services Doha
Description: Recruitment, Staffing and Manpower >>> Labour Supplies;
Recruitment, Staffing and Manpower >>> Manpower, Recruiting and Staffing Services;
Recruitment, Staffing and Manpower >>> Recruitment, Staffing and Manpower Services
Telephone: Main Telephone: 442-5869
Detail: PO Box: 1282
Street: |
County: Qatar
City: Doha
Postal Code: |
Filename: al-noof-recruitment-services-106622
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Alarab Recruiting Manpower, 17.02.2016
Greetings from Alarab Recruiting . Pakistan We are a foreign recruitment agency in Pakistan can provide any category of employment for your requirements. We do provide very professional service and we would like to merge with your esteemed company to supply manpower from Pakistan. Therefore, we would like to request you to send your requirements with all the terms and conditions which we will be able to fulfill. Our Client Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 01. Al-Doraq Water Bottling Plant 02. Al Dhahry Group 03. Al Aied 04. Arabian Bemco Contracting CO. LTD. 05. Atmar 06. Al-Khaima Contracting Est. 07. Ali Al-Aswad Est For Trading Contracting 08. Arabian Spanish Food Industries CO. 09. Ar Rahman Al Khalid 10. Abacorp 11. Advanced Construction CO. 12. Al Sharq Office CO. 13. Al Yamamah Steel Industries Company LTD 14. Annasban Contracting Group 15. Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad Est 16. Aleesco 17. Aied Dahim Al-Hamoud Partners 18. Al Nasher Al-Arabi Printing Press 19. Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad Sons LTD. CO. 20. Ali Al-Aswad Group CO. LTD 21. Al Mumaiyaza Restaurant 22. Ama catering company. 23. Al Tawarif Constractions EST 24. Al-Thumamah Village For Operations CO. LTD. 25. Al-Blagah Holding Group CO. 26. Bakhtak Contracting Maintenance LTD. CO 27. Bangladesh International School 28. Consolidated Contractors Company WLL 29. Dominous Pizza 30. Difa O M Company LTD. 31. El Motlek For General CONT. EST. 32. Green Standard EST. 33. Green Top Power Projects Co. Ltd. 34. Hawazen Al-Jazira Contractin EST. 35. Hashem Contracting And Trading CO. LTD 36. JAL International 37. King Faisal Military City Southern Region 38. Ktaykit 39. Mohammed Saad Al Drees Sons CO. LTD 40. Ministry of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 41. Ministry of Defence and Aviation 42. Mitsubishi Electric Saudi LTD 43. Mohammed Husain F. Trading EST. 44. Mitsubishi Electric Saudi LTD. 45. Majid Abdul Yahiya EST 46. Municipality Of Al Nabhaniya District 47. Marzouq e. Al-saadi CONT. EST. 48. Mansour a. Al-obaid EST. 49. Nukhba House Medical Services Company 50. Napco Riyadh Paper Products CO. 51. Nesco Telephone Sales Service Centre 52. Napco Composite Film Packaging Technology 53. Nasee J Al-Rowad Factory 54. Nukhba House Medical Services Company 55. Obaid Hospital 56. Operations Maintenance Dept For Military Installations, Riyadh 57. Ral Office For Admin Consultation 58. Ramz Al Madenah Contracting Est. 59. Saudi Lebanese Modern Construction CO. 60. Saudi Construction Company 61. Saudi Maintenance Specialities CO. LTD. 62. Seder Group 63. Saudi Oger LTD. 64. Saudi Hotels And Resorts CO. (SHARACO) 65. Trans Saudia CO. 66. Twaik CO. LTD. 67. Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industries Ltd. 68. Warif Contracting EST. 69. Zaid Al-Hussain EST. United Arab Emirates 01. System Construction. 02. Emirates Technical Associate (E.T.A). 03. AL-Fajer Cleaning Seurity Service.LTD. 04. Western Bainona Group-Co. 05. Extra.Co.LTD 06. Dhabi. Contrating.Co.LTD 07. Quber Land Catering.Co.LTD 08. China-Harvar-LTD 09. Al Fahim Contracting Co. LLC We appreciate your interest in becoming a client of ALARAB RECRUITING Overseas Employment. Please provide the current recruitment detail so that a representative who is experienced with your specific industry and region can respond promptly to your request.. Your Future Partner, Thanks Regards, Muhammad Hand Phone. 0092-3423590922 ALARAB RECRUITING Suite # 213, 2nd Floor, Elahi Centre, Preedy Street, Saddar, Karachi. Pakistan Email:,
SHABEER KT, 01.06.2011
any job vaccancy for your company

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