The Queen Dental Center - Madinat Khalifa Qatar

Company: The Queen Dental Center - Madinat Khalifa Doha
Description: Dental Center
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City: Doha
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Filename: The-Queen-Dental-Center-Madinat-Khalifa
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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maseeha, 06.05.2013
hello, good evening, i have finished my higher secondry schooling on doha. mean while can i get receptionist job in ur esteemed queen dental center ?
Queen dental, 22.12.2008

The Queen Dental Center covers all branches of dental specialties and provides the most up-to-date forms of treatment, some of which are actually being pioneered here in Qatar and then offered in other parts of the world. Our office meets the United States infection control standards of occupational safety and health association (O.S.H.A).
Our dentists firmly believe that each of our patients deserves the best dental care available. Excellent dental care begins with early diagnosis and treatment planning. This is why we spend so much time creating a treatment plan for you on your first visit. We want to make sure you get the best dental treatment available.
Our goal is to help you completely understand your current dental situation, how these dental problems can be corrected, and how you can afford to have this necessary work done.
We are a small dental practice group dedicated to providing the very best dental care we can. Each of our dentists and dental staff members aim to make Dentistry fun, educational, and relaxing and we know that it is our patients that make this possible.
Why choose to establish a dental relationship?
Relationships usually satisfy needs but they are based heavily on trust. Trust is earned and it comes from knowing that the other person involved cares about you. We do our best to have a group of dentists and staff that enjoy life, care about people, and excel at Dentistry.
The only way to really know us is to visit our clinic and experience our services, so consider scheduling a consultation appointment with us. We sincerely believe that once you have experienced our hospitality and professionalism you'll become part of our family of patients.

Good dental health begins with you and we can help you improve and maintain it
The dentists at The Queen Dental Center are committed to educating their patients because this is the first step in helping them keep their teeth for life. Dental education and guidance helps patients to maintain good dental health.
The Queen Dental Center has several staff members from different countries, backgrounds and training. However, each and every staff member shares a concern for our patients.
We offer most dental services including general dental care, orthodontics, implants, TMJ disfunction treatment, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy and if you have an emergency and need to see a dentist, The Queen Dental Center is there for you. There is nothing worse than being up all night with a toothache and not being able to see a dentist immediately! Because of this, we fit new or established Dental Emergency patients of The Queen Dental Center into our schedule.
It is our goal that those we serve will enjoy using their natural teeth during their later years of life. Education is fundamental in accomplishing this since it is almost always an educated patient who enjoys good dental health.
We want our patients...
To be able to laugh and smile without reservation,
To enjoy a lifetime of pain-free dental health.
Each of us in The Queen Dental Center Dental Group wants to making your dental visits as comfortable, pleasant, and pain-free as possible because we know that enjoying good dental health can extend and improve the quality of your life.

Multinational Team ‘Speaking 15 different languages’
We proud to introduce our treatment with highly skilled multinational team trained on western standard.
Your Smile Means a Lot to Us
Allie S., 22.12.2008
I went there on a Friday when my son fell and chipped a tooth. I knew exactly what had to be done, just filled in. They told me it was impossible to do. My other son had it done, he had chipped his front tooth also, I knew it could be done. The dentist also yelled at me because I questionned him when he said he could not do it. I have never seen such an unprofessional dental center. AVOID QUEEN DENTAL!!!!!!!!!!! btw, I went to Doha Clinic and saw Dr Ghada, she fixed in a few minutes. She was wonderful, I highly recommend her for general work.

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