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Company: Telecom Italia Doha
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Telephone: 4728147
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City: Doha
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Filename: Telecom-Italia
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Luca Kohen, 15.12.2008

About Telecom Italia Group

Company profile: Telecom Italia

Telecom Italia is a major enterprise. Year after year, our proven service and ability to push the boundaries of innovation have established us as an industry leader in Italy and abroad.

Our Italian Presence
Technological innovation, competency and reliability underpin the company’s leadership across our operations. The company is a force to be reckoned with in fixed-line/mobile telecommunications and the internet through brand names Telecom Italia, TIM, Alice and Virgilio. Our dominance is present in multimedia, TV and news through La7, MTV Italia and APCOM.

Our International Presence
Outside Italy, the TIM Brasil brand is one of Latin America’s biggest suppliers of mobile lines. In Germany, Hansenet is the only operator on the market to offer a full quadruple play offering (ADSL, voice, mobile telephony and IPTV).

Introducing Olivetti
The Group conducts its office and system solutions market operations through the historic Olivetti brand. Olivetti has a presence in 83 markets outside Italy. Olivetti is a world leader in bank peripherals, and is the only company in Europe (and one of only six worldwide) to have its own proprietary inkjet technology.

Driving Innovation

Ongoing research is managed by TILab, whose workshops prepare cutting-edge technological solutions for the international market. A centre of excellence and a catalyst for technology innovation, the labs are responsible for new applications platforms, new generation networks (such as the NGN2), and convergent services combining media, the web and telecommunications.

Last updated: November 7, 2008
Gianni Perfetti, 14.10.2008
Telecom Italia (BIT: TIT, NYSE: TI) is the largest Italian telephone company. Now a private company, it was founded in 1994 by the merger of several state-owned telecommunications companies, the most important of which was SIP, the monopoly telephone operator. The company operates landline telephone services in Italy, GSM mobile phone services in Italy and Brazil under the name TIM, and DSL internet and telephony services under the brand Alice in Italy, Germany,[1] France, San Marino and the Netherlands. It also owns a stake in Telecom Argentina in Argentina. Its subsidiary Telecom Italia Media also controls three Italian TV networks: La7, MTV Italy, and QOOB.

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