Qatar Petroleum Development Co Ltd Japan Qatar

Company: Qatar Petroleum Development Ltd Japan Doha
Description: Oil - Gas - Petroleum Sector, Companies
Telephone: 4669340
Detail: no-data
Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Qatar-Petroleum-Development-Co-Ltd-Japan
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Lotter, 21.08.2011
Dear Sir/Madam, Please do verify your production and maintenance people diploma certificates to avoid the fake certificate (Certificate Endorsement). So many people work with fake certificates and this affects the opportunity of many eligible candidates, this may also make the environment unsafe. Hope you will take necessary action. “Save your Oil and Gas Platform” Regards Lotter
Kim Harimoto, 07.12.2008
At first glance Japan and Qatar might seem to have had a competitive history and, otherwise, little in common.

Qatar’s once booming pearl industry collapsed when Japan produced cultured pearls.

That Japan is increasingly becoming a focal point for this Gulf nation is not only due to trade, though Japan is Qatar’s biggest trading partner.

Many people from Qatar, tiring of the hot summer and a winter that never yields snow, have a fascination for Japan’s wide range of seasonal attractions.

From a trade point of view, Qatar is one of the leading and most secure oil and gas suppliers to Japan and the relationship between the two countries is strengthening.

In recent years, Japan purchased between 50% and 70% of Qatar’s oil production.

By 2010, Qatar expects to become Japan’s biggest supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

While Qatar’s exports to Japan increase so does Japan’s stake in the Qatar economy. Government-affiliated Japan Bank for International Cooperation has signed a business-partnership agreement with Qatar Petroleum (QP), aimed at developing a more favorable environment for Japanese companies hoping to become involved in energy resource development projects in Qatar.

Both countries have economies which have developed rapidly, producing challenges to maintain tradition while stretching globally.

This shared background has aided mutual trust and understanding. QP delegations to Japan frequently have been returning to Qatar to espouse the virtues of Japan.

This exotic country steeped in the mysteries of the orient is an ideal tourist destination, particularly for travelers from Qatar who wish to experience the sensations of a seasonal country.

Japan is a country with a history peopled by rulers and warriors, princesses and geishas. Among other things it has given the world sushi and pearls, affordable high quality cars and user-friendly technology.

Many people forget that this modern hi-tech country places a strong emphasis on preserving its pristine environment - one of the reasons behind its large importation of LNG.

Caught between the Asian continent and the Pacific, the Japan archipelago covers several climatic zones and catches dramatic changes in the weather.

From proud mountain ranges to peaceful lakes and seashores, Japan’s scenery transforms with the seasons.

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