Professional Computer Programing & Services Qatar

Company: Professional Computer Programing & Services Doha
Description: Information Technology (IT), Companies
Telephone: 4370792
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Url: no-data
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County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Professional-Computer-Programing-and-Services
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Nicolas, 24.04.2011
OBJECTIVE SUMMARY I am dedicated, self-motivated and goal oriented. I am willing to offer loyalty, Committed, and energy, to a company that values performance. Consistently demonstrate exceptional knowledge, Dev or managment position with opportunities for advancement in a diverse and competitive environment. Education: High school Official high school of Amioun Al-Koura TS(superior technique) AUC(American Universal College-Tripoli) LT(license technique) Official college of Tripoli-El-Ebbi Languages: English, French, Arabic (read, write and speak fluently) Specialization: High school SG(general science ) -year:2002-2003 TS(superior technique) Business computer and management -year:2004-2007 LT(license technique) Pure programming -year:2007-2008 Personal knowledge • Operating systems: Linux, Windows. • Good knowledge in computer: repairing and maintaining (software and hardware) • Good knowledge in Networks: LAN (Ethernet, and network topology) • Good knowledge in Internet: IP, TCP. • Programming languages: JAVA, C++,,, JAVA script, SQL, HTML, XML, JSP. • All Microsoft office programs (word, excel, power point, access…) • Computer Management. Work experience: 2007-2008 Present: KCS Computer Shop I own and operate a computer store in Lebanon. The store contains over 16 computers, a work shop and a retail section. I manager the day to day activities in the store including managing an IT network, repair and remake computers, create and repair programmes, online support, phone support, financial business management, staff management of over 3 technical support staff and general day to day activities. Responsibilities include: • Manager day to day operations of cafe. • Repair all types, makes and modules of laptops and desktops • Repair all kinds of computer related equipment including printers, speakers, routers, headphones, • Prepare software programmes for all types of business and products. • Check and repair software programmes and operating systems • Operate and manage the stores network TCP, IP systems. • Repair and adjust customers photos using programmes such as phtoshop, media converters etc. • Very fluent in Microsoft office programs (word, excel, power point, access…) • Prepare monthly statements • Prepare invoices • Manage business finances • Manage and maintain staff 2008-2009 : Work on ITEC (Innovative Technology) • Work as web developer using ASP.Net and HTML . • Client Support and client requirements: help clients to use the website admin pages and update the data. • Configure client mails . • Buy and create domains on rackspace-godady and yellowclicks servers. • Hosting, ftp... 2009-2010-2011 till now : Working on softsolutions • 2 months full training on JAVA, XML, SQL, JSP, JS, HTML, Struts, spring and ibatis technology. • Working in the Kernel team: develop and maintain an application (Business Model application using the technique struts-spring-ibatis: create the queries the java pages and the JSP). • Working on all the ibs kernel applications: workflow-reporting- ibs-system- integration. • Make full business tracker for the client CVS in ibs system security and access rights. • After finishing the mission in the kernel team, work in the Deals team: Develop an application from scratch (category-V7 for the client Canadian tires) with a team from 5 persons, responsibility include: Develop the main screens, create a complex queries and JAVA functions. • Develop an application from scratch (category-V7 for the client Carfour) with a team from 5 persons, responsibility include: Develop the main screens, create a complex queries and JAVA functions. • Create the procedures in the PLSQL . • Make technical and business presentation about the application for the end users. • Create a complex reports with a complex queries using PL-SQL and ibs-reporting application. • Develop screens from scratch and maintains others in the Deals applications. Hobbies: Computer, internet, sport, hunting.

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