Law Consulting Office Shk Fahd Al Thani Qatar

Company: Law Consulting Office Shk Fahd Al Thani Doha
Description: Consulting Sector, Companies
Telephone: 4315512
Detail: no-data
Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Law-Consulting-Office-Shk-Fahd-Al-Thani
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Fawzia, 06.01.2009

Law Offices of Sheik Fahd Al Thani

if you need a legal advice in doha, qatar look no further than this company.

I also listed some other contacts in a case you need a legal representation.

NameNationalityTelFaxArea of Expertise as Specified by Lawyers
Mr Hassan A. AL KHATERQatari44377704437772Civil/Corporate/ Commercial Law
David SILVER – Hon. Legal Advisor to HMABritish
CLYDE & COBritish49455754832783Corporate/Commercial Law
David SALT4945492
Chris JOBSONBritishFinancial Law
Jennifer WESTALL
Andrew WINGFIEDBritish48394664839584Corporate/Commercial Law
Stuart CAVETBritishFinance, Banking & Capital Markets/Energy & Infrastructure/
Caroline MOORECanadianTelecommunications, Technology and IT/Construction and Real Eastate
Arfan TINAWICanadian
Jason MAJIDDutch
Ayla DEMIRCILebanese
Samer EIDOLebanese
Anthony TRABOULISILebanese
Dani Kabbanin/a
Patricial HARTSTEINAcquisitions/Mergers/Energy/
Mr Gebran MAJDALANYLebanese44288994417817Corporate/Commercial/
Rukhsana KHANBritish/American4443612Financial Law
Edward W. VINKCanadian
Stephanie KOTARSKIAmerican
Silvia PRETORIUSSouth African
Dr. Najeeb Bin Mohammed AL-NAUIMIQatari4311124/ 25/ 274311128Criminal/Civil/Labour/ Sharia Law
Law Offices of Noora SarhanEnglish/Arabic4443230- 4443206Criminal/Civil/Labour/
Sharia Law
Miss Hayfa AL BAKERQatari46677314650589Criminal/Civil/ Sharia Law
Miss Fawziyah AL OBEIDLYQatari46751214675123Criminal/Civil/ Sharia Law
Mr Abdul Rab AL MALKIQatari44248564434336Criminal/Civil/ Sharia Law
Mr Abdullah AL KHULAIFIQatari44178854418170Criminal/Civil Law
Mr Ali R.N. AL BOININQatari46260064622656Criminal/Civil/ Sharia Law
Mr Nasser AL KAABIQatari44362224436777Criminal/Civil Law
Mr Hassan SATISudanese44447494444750Criminal/ Civil/Sharia Law
Mr Khalid AL ATTIYAHQatari43644474364449Criminal/Civil/Commercial
Mr Nizar KABBANILebanese44310154432060Criminal/Civil Law
Mr Sayel M. DAHERJordanian44150804443930Civil/Commercial Law
Mr Riad ROUHANIQatari44258154441428Criminal/Civil Law
Mr Eissa AL MANAIQatari4360080/904366770Criminal/Civil/Commercial Law

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