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Company: James Cubitt & Partners Qatar Doha
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Telephone: 4665232
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City: Doha
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County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Suman Nichani, 16.12.2008

James Cutitt and Partners

The company has designed the full range of buildings and complexes from junior schools to universities, from individual shops to markets, from the interior of an office to major office buildings, from minor clinics to teaching hospitals, from small workshops to major manufacturing complexes, from individual houses to large estates, hostels, hotels and towns.

Our current projects include a small town outside of Warsaw as a turn key contract with Taylor Woodrow a major UK contractor, University Academic Buildings, Cambridge, UK, a factory for Tata Holset in India, a Multi-storey Residential Complex in Dubai, a Health Spa in Fujeirah, UAE, University Buildings in Kenya, Blood Banks for the PWD in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, Banks, Industrial and Residential projects in Nigeria, University and Government contracts in Australia, and Retail, Residential and Tourism projects in Qatar.To deliver excellence in all Building Consultancy Disciplines and Project Management Services and to do this in full satisfaction of every Client’s Brief.

The firm has worked in many countries around the world but as the projects were completed many of the local offices were closed. But we have extensive experience of starting up a design / supervision office in diverse locations.

Apart from the projects already mentioned in this submission, we have designed projects in Fujeirah comprising a new Health Spa, Beach Resort, Central Food Market, A Bull Ring and a large Tourist / Residential Island referred to as Banana Island. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi we have designed many Residential, Hotel, Office and Educational Buildings all of which await further instructions from our clients. In Doha, our office is very active and has a wide variety of on going projects; residential, individual villas and compounds for several villas with social facilities, commercial and retail projects.

To continually update and improve the professional skills base, and successfully research, develop and sustain an outstanding knowledge base appropriate to the needs of the group. opened an office in West Africa in 1947, in North Africa in 1963, in Australia in 1986, in Kenya in 1990, in The United Arab Emirates in 1997, and in Qatar in 2003.

For more detailed knowledge the London office relies upon the experience of their local Directors in Doha and the United Arab Emirates, both of whom have extensive experience of the Gulf Region. Also our resident staff in these two countries are experienced and very knowledgeable about the local codes and standards.

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