Habeeb Qatar International Finance & Investment Ltd Qatar

Company: Habeeb Qatar International Finance & Investment Ltd Doha
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Telephone: 4328853
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Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Habeeb-Qatar-International-Finance-and-Investment-Ltd
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Megafin, 15.09.2008
Megafin Capital LLC
PO Box 126360, Dubai, UAE
Tel 04-3571140 Fax 04-3571150 megafin@eim.ae
Kind attention: GM – Finance, Finance Controller- Manager, Accounts Department
Subject: Working Capital, Trade Finance Facilities and Equipment Finance for your Company
Dear Sir,
Megafin Capital LLC - A Finance Facilitation company based in Dubai, UAE.
We arrange finance facilities for various businesses and corporate houses. We have been mandated and repeatedly approached by our clients for our assistance in meeting their ever growing finance requirements.
We have 10 years of experience and expertise in arranging Equity and Debt Finance, Working Capital, Trade and Project Finance and Equipment and Machinery Finance mainly for medium and large companies in the UAE. We also arrange financing for companies in Qatar and Oman.
For large companies, we can assist in arranging substantial long-term working capital facilities and for medium sized companies with business growth potentials; we can arrange various combined facilities.
For manufacturing, equipment rental companies or large companies planning to establish their own factories and equipment rental business, we can assist in arranging Equipment Financing of substantial amounts.
We also assist in providing equipment for any particular limited period contracts, which is an “off-balance sheet” financing. We also arrange Equity Investment by private institution and Sharia-compliant Islamic finance.
Average time frame - 1 month
Equipment, Machinery, Plants, Factory Finance AED 5 M - 100 M and above
Working Capital AED 25 M - 500M and above
Facilities AED 10 M - 100 M and Above
Since January 08, we have either assisted in concluding or on various stages of conclusion of finance and facilities deals for companies worth more than AED 1 B.
We will be happy to assist you for your growth and development.
Please call us.
Kind regards,
Lalitha Iyer
Managing Director
Mob 050-6249640
Megafin Capital LLC
PO Box 126360, Dubai, UAE
Tel 04-3571140 Fax 04-3571150
Habeeb , 11.09.2008
Come and visit us - we offer a wide varity of Finance and Investment services

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