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Company: Chocolate Graphics Doha
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Telephone: 4341220
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City: Doha
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Filename: Chocolate-Graphics
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Sarit, 15.12.2008
Chocolate Graphics Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait can be contacted at:

Marwan Nazal - Chocolate Graphics Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait

PO Box 22912
Doha, Qatar
Phone: + 974 434 1220
Fax: + 974 434 1210
Mobile: + 974 513 6770

About Chocolate Graphics

Chocolate Graphics® is a company on the move. Growing from a small cottage based industry in 1996 to a global commercial venture in 2008. Chocolate Graphics currently market their unique patent protected products and manufacturing process worldwide using the Licensing/Franchising model.

An Australian inventor originally conceived the Chocolate Graphics process in 1988. His method was rudimentary and extremely slow, and no effective marketing action was adopted until 1996 when three local businessmen purchased the rights to his process.

In July 1999 the patents, applications and manufacturing rights were purchased by John Taylor, an experienced international businessman who had kick-started many small businesses both in Australia and overseas. At the time Mr. Taylor purchased Chocolate Graphics, the business was ailing and needed expertise in marketing to develop the original concepts into a marketable product.

A strategic focus and innovative marketing strategy was introduced, together with a restructuring program. Rebuilding the technology and redeveloping the intellectual property, including the registration of four new international patents, ensured that the future company became a profitable enterprise.

Since that time the process has been significantly upgraded to incorporate state of the art computerised laser and automated technology. Now, with the new automated machinery having been designed and tested, the production capability of a 'manual' Manual Production Centre (PC) is 18,000 pieces daily, with a 'fully automated' process expected to produce 250,000 chocolates per day.

Recently the company reached new heights, with the introduction of technology that allows the embossing of photographic images onto chocolate with chocolate. Additionally, by using the same technology Chocolate Graphics can now also produce 3 dimensional images onto chocolate with chocolate.

This exciting new technology means Chocolate Graphics can offer customers products with unparalleled definition and assortment in embossed chocolates.

The company has an exciting future. Licensees have been appointed in 35 countries around the world. This innovative patent-protected technology is already proving to be a very profitable business venture world wide.

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