Belle And Grace Construction Co Qatar

Company: Belle And Grace Construction Doha
Description: no-data
Telephone: 4607954
Detail: no-data
Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Belle-And-Grace-Construction-Co
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Ramzi ELgouhary, 26.02.2014
Thanks Kind Regards, RAMZI ELGOHARY, Senior Supervisor Mktg Busn Dvpt , Qatar Islamic Insurance Co C- Ring Road, Post Box : 22676 ,Doha, Qatar Contact : +974-44658790 ,Fax : +974-44550111 Mobile : +974 33 845 202 Mobile : +974 77 792 598 e-Mail : | ان التامين مع الشركة الاسلامية للتامين يتيح لحملة الوثائق المشاركة فى فائض عمليات التامين الذى يتحقق عند نهاية السنة التامينية وتجدر الاشارة الى ان الفائض الذى تم توزيعة فى عام 2009 و 2010 و 2011 و2012 بلغ نسبة 20% من اجمالى الاشتراكات عن ذلك العام It is worth mentioning that the co-operative system followed by ( QIIC) QATAR ISLAMIC INSURANCE CO. Entitles the policy holders to participate in the surplus ( net of reinsurance expenses ) Realized at the end of the year noting that surplus realized for the LAST 4 YEAR 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 is 20% of the premiums paid to the policy holders for that year. for any insurance request please mail me or call.
Emilian Gavril, 05.06.2012
I\'m interested to find a job as fabrication coordinator, manager. If any vacancy please let me know @: +974 66908454
Belle Grace construction co .wll, 09.12.2010
tel.+974 44134488,44135959,44135138 fax.+974 44474755
Belle Grace construction co .wll, 09.12.2010

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