Al Borg Laboratories Co Qatar

Company: Al Borg Laboratories Doha
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Telephone: 4472224
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City: Doha
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Filename: Al-Borg-Laboratories-Co
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Khaled Atwa, 13.11.2008
Al Borg Laboratory is the largest private laboratory in the Middle East, established in 1991 as a shareholding company with a mission of providing a complete, cost-effective, quality assured service through a network of national & regional laboratories. Since 1991 Al Borg has served 11 million patients by conducting 29 million tests. We are currently proud to serve our clientele through 60 branches extending all over Egypt, as well as our fourteen branches in Saudi Arabia, three branches located at the United Arab Emirates, and one branch in Qutar. Our vision for the future is to cover the whole Middle East. Your health is our concern.

Al Borg Laboratory Staff

Chairman of the Board & CEO: Prof. Dr. AHMED F. El SAIFI

Board Members
Mr. Yasser Mohamed Gamali
Mr. Achmed A. Al-Shahrabani
Deputy CEO for Administrative Affairs: Mrs. Mona Shams El Din

Information Technology Administrator: Prof. Dr. Akram Nouh

Quality Assurance Manager: Prof. Dr. Gihan Kamal Aly

COO and Branche Manager: Dr. Osama Zaghloul

Training & Human Resources Manager: Prof. Dr. Abdalla Meshel

Sales Force Manager: Dr. Ehab Haroun

Financial Manager: Mr. Mostafa Husein

Administrative Manager: Mr. Alaa M. Bendary

Personnel Manager : Mr. Khaled Rostom

Contractual Manager : Dr. Tamer Moussa

Department Heads
 Microbiology Prof. Dr. Sawsan El Tayeb
 Hematology Prof. Dr. Moushira El Saifi
 Immunology Prof. Dr. Fatma Nasrat
 Clinical Chemistry   Prof. Dr. Mohsen Bakeir
 Pathology Prof. Dr. Akram Nouh
 Endocrinology Prof. Dr. Nadida Gohar
 Molecular Biology Prof. Dr. Mohamed Aly Saber
 Cytogenetics Prof. Dr. Ezzat Sayed El Sobky

 Pathology Consultant Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nabil El-Balkainy
 Allergy Consultant Prof. Dr. Hesham Tarraf
 Endocrinology Consultant Prof. Dr. Magdy Ismail

Heads of Units
Prof. Dr. Magda Sultan
Dr. Rasha Farouk

Dr. Enas Wagdy
 Clinical Chemistry 
Prof. Dr. Maha Atwa 
Dr. Manal Hussein
Dr. Sherif Saleh

 Clinical Chemistry  Dr. Nagwa Rasheed

 Central Lab Manager
Dr. Yaser Sakr
Dr. Ibrahim Sakr

Regional Area Managers
Cairo Dr. Hazem Al Halafawy 
Alex Dr. Ghada Al Moslemany 
Tanta Prof.Dr. Khaled Saad 
Sharkia Prof. Dr. Seham Mahros 
Canal Dr. Sherif Saleh
Upper Egypt Prof. Dr. Maha Atwa

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