Afamia Trading & Contracting Co Qatar

Company: Afamia Trading & Contracting Doha
Description: Trading, Contracting, Companies
Telephone: 4770528
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Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Afamia-Trading-and-Contracting-Co
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Ayeen Ahmad, 22.03.2016
Dear Hiring Manager, I\'m applying for a HVAC Supervisor position at your company. Based on the posted description, I\'m confident that I am fully qualified for the position and will be a strong addition to your team. I have 10 years experience in the field of HVAC Installation/Maintenance Supervisor and now Currently working as a HVAC Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor with Al Mannai Group Of Company at Sidra Medical Medical Research Center building in location of Al Rayyan, Qatar. I would appreciate a job interview at your earliest convience. Please find my resume attached. I can be reached at the number above or at my email address. Sincerely, Ayeen Ahmad +97455750793
man prasad gurung, 05.03.2012
Warm Greetings from EMERALD INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT .NEPAL APROVED BY GOVERMENT OF NEPAL LIC NO 249/058/059 We are pleased to introduce ourselves as EMERALD INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT LTD. and the services we are offering to our valued clients. EMERALD INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT LTD is a legally registered company duly authorized and licensed by the Labour Ministry of the Nepal to recruit, hire and process workers for various principals overseas Our Agency is staffed with professional Interviewers and competent Employees equipped with 15 years of experience in recruitment of manpower of various skills from professional down to skilled and non-skilled workers for Principals in the Gulf and Middle East countries. Our agency specializes in the fields of 1. Civil / Electrical Engineers 23. Security Guards (Armed Civilian) 2. Mechanical/ HVAC Engineers 24. Security, Supervisor,(Armed Civilian) 3. Civil / Electrical Supervisors 25. Heavy Drivers (GCC holder non GCC) 4. Mechanical/HVAC Supervisors 26. Light Driver 5. Quality Supervisors 27. Labors 6. Steel Fixer 28. Sales man / Girl 7. Finishing Carpenter 29. Accountant 8. Shuttering Carpenter 30. Store Keeper 9. Mason 31. Tread Helper 10. Electrician 32. Barber 11. Plumber 33. Laundry boy 12. Pipe Fitter 34. Cleaner / Housekeeping 13. A/C Technician 35. Security safety Instructor 14. Insulator 36. Diesel mechanics 15. Duct man 37. Auto mechanics 16. Welder 38. Gardener 17. Steel Fabricator 39. Room boy 18. Scaffolder 40. Dozer operators 19. Waiters 41. Painters 20. Denter 42. Factory workers 21. Auto Electricians 43 Care givers/Housemaid/ 22. Cooks (continental, Chinese, Indian) 44 Female /Male company cleaner In the passage of time, we have been proved as one of the reputed agency through our quality services to our overseas clients. We can supply you all sort of candidates from unskilled, semi skilled to skilled labours as per your requirements. EMERALD INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT LTD have recruited 4000 workers overseas. So far we have been successful in recruiting professional, skilled, semi skilled and skilled manpower in various countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait,Israel. Till now we have been recruiting the manpower in 247 companies in Malaysia, 30 companies in Qatar, 12 companies in Saudi Arabia , 20 companies in UAE, 5 Company in Bahrain 6 Companies in Kuwait , and 1 company in Israel. We are fully computerized Agency with Local Area Network system (LAN) where all movements related to recruitment are all monitored in the computers. It was implemented to drastically cut the time consumed in all aspects of recruitment activities. Our correspondence, documentation, deployment report and other related matters with regards to recruitment are meticulously and systematically filed and retrieved from the computers. Hereunder is the step-by-step processing/monitoring of documents: A] MOBILIZATION It is our operating procedure to continuously man pool applicants of different trades. These applicants are being interviewed/evaluated by our Interviewers who have long and extensive work experience in the Middle East; and are systematically encoded in our computerized databank. Upon receipt of manpower requirements from our clients, we can easily initiate sending telegrams to our applicants to report for final evaluation and further instructions. Any categories which are not available in our databank will be generated by all means such as : 1. Advertising in widely circulated newspaper/s; 2. Radio announcement; 3. Coordinating with the Labour Office for provincial recruitment; 4. We also have Trusted Agents ; 5. Directly contacting different companies where qualified applicants can be sourced. B] PRE-SCREENING Our applicants are subject to an oral and in-house written examination. In most cases, we evaluate them based on the specifications required by our clients. Some applicants in the skilled level are subjected to an actual test in order to justify their practical know-how conducted by a reliable and experienced Trade Test Centers such as Diversified, Century, Executive, among others. C] FINAL SELECTION If requested, our company can select your manpower based on the specifications provided. In this case, we take full responsibility of the workers’ qualifications within the three (3) months probationary period. However, if employer intends to send their representative to conduct the final interview and selection, we pre-screened and line-up applicants, at least, three (3) times of the actual requirements. In our Recruitment System, we allot three (3) months probationary period to assess the qualifications and capacity of an employee in his respective work/post. D] DOCUMENTATION Once applicants are selected, we assist them in processing the require documents (Passport, Police Clearance, Medical Examination, Driving License, and others) to expedite their deployment. We have very competent Liaison Officer who can facilitate quick release of said documents. Moreover, we also have strong contacts with Labour department to expedite the processing of our worker’s exit clearance. E] REPORTING / COMMUNICATION We update the status of our client’s recruits by communicating to them any relevant detail/inquiry via fax or e-mail in weekly basis and whenever called for. While your inquiries are attended to with utmost precision and promptness. F] TICKETING Our clients can either send PTA Tickets or make a transfer for local purchased tickets based on the prevailing rate. Conditions of the purchased tickets locally can be mutually negotiated. G] ORIENTATION In our effort to minimize unnecessary tragedies among our workers, our company indispensably provide an informative orientation seminar as a guidance on their personal conduct and awareness of the cultural, social norms and laws and regulations of the host country of destination. H] DEPLOYMENT The flight schedules of our workers are intimated to our clients three (3) days in advance. Any changes will be notified immediately. I] FINAL REPORT After the project has been completed, we submit a detailed summary report to our clients that includes Visa and Ticket utilization. J] PROCESSING AND DEPLOYMENT PERIOD We deploy our workers within 10 to 20 days subject to availability of recruitment documents. Whatever your Manpower requirements might be, we respectfully invite you to consult our very professional agency. We believe that you will be attracted and encouraged by our reasonable and flexible policy, that is, INTERNATIONAL STANDARD OF SERVICE. Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Assuring you of our best attention and services at all times, we remain. Best regards, MARKETING DIRECTOR MAN PRASAD GURUNG EMERALD INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT .LTD. Ministry Of Labour Department Licence No: 249/058/059 A.B.C Complex, Khusibu Naya Bazar Sorakhutte Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: 00977 1 4353171 , Fax: 00977- 1- 4353937 Mob: +977-9849627624 and 977-9813256322
lee brown , 06.04.2009
we are looking to supply you with safety equipment ie gas detection and drager breathing apperatus can you contact us with an email address

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