Abdulla Hussain Mohd Off Qatar

Company: Abdulla Hussain Mohd Doha
Description: no-data
Telephone: 4430419
Detail: no-data
Url: no-data
Street: no-data
County: no-data
City: Doha
Postal Code: no-data
Filename: Abdulla-Hussain-Mohd-Off
County and City: Doha, Doha
Country: State of Qatar, Dawlat Qatar

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Mr. David C. Makobe , 22.03.2011
Dear Sir, Thanks for your response. Hoping that you are having a wonderful day. Having gone through your info, I was determined to contact you today regarding a project that I needed both of us to carry out, the project is related to the South African Government. My name is Mr. David C. Makobe; and I am also a senior government official here in South Africa. I needed your consent and interest regarding this project that is worth Millions of British Pounds, which we can work with your company or if possible through you as an individual in corroboration and full co-operation to finalizing the project to its completion and success. Through my power in the Government, I was able to obtain all the covering documents regarding this project, the documents are signed, stamped and registered by the Government under the DPW and DOF as a signed contract awaiting balance payment, which I can also send you the document by email attachment for your review. For security reasons, I cannot be able to give you the full breakdown of this project but when you reply with your interest, I will be able to give you the full details of the project and I can also tell you the actual amount involved. I will also give you my personal information which is in the Government Organizational website where you can find my full data, position, phone and fax number etc. And on the receipt of your response we shall also negotiate on the sharing of the fund. Note: Your main role on the project is to communicate directly with the Government, as I will be sending you the contact information and also the messages that you will be sending out to the Government from your end. This project needs an attention of a capable and determined person who is also well to do, which is the main reason why I contacted you in the first instance since I can see that you may be capable of handling the project from your end in honest and sincerity. If you are interested and can corporate with me, then you should respond so that I will give you the full explanation of the project for your understanding. Thank you and awaiting your urgent response. Best Regards, Mr. David C. Makobe Rep. of South Africa

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